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First of all: congratulations on the V2 release! It's so good to see development continuing for this great software.


I'd like to ask what's the current status regarding the tropopause values. The vertical profile chart doesn't display the tropopause value and the commands shown on the (old) flightplan template guide are not really helpful. The command <&Tropopause> appears to be broken and the command <&TOCTropopause> is still showing FL361 for all calculations.


The last information I recall stated something like the weather provider not releasing acceptable values for the tropopause and thus this parameter was inhibited from the PFPX interface. I assume that if this was the case then, this situation continues today?


Is there anything that can be done regarding this issue?


Best regards.

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Hi there,


I've also asked this question multiple times in another thread. Apparently the situation will remain the same unfortunately. 

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