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CLIMB and DES issues.

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Airbuses updated to


Two issues encountered.


1st: Airbus A319-IAE do not follow with accuracy the flight patch from a SID and get lost as shown in the first screenshot where it shoud going to the waypoint INN. In the second screenshot the Airbus A321-IAE follow the SID flight patch with a almost very good accuracy and it's working for me. Please take the source codes from Airbus A321-IAE as base to review what is going on with flight patch of A319-IAE during a CLIMB being crawling a SID.


A319-IAE lost flight patch.



A321-IAE following the flight patch.



2nd: The vertical profile (DES) has problems with the altitude constraints in all Airbus models. My opinion is that descent vertical speed is not being adjusting accordlly to reach each waypoint at the programmed altitude. To work around this I change manually to selected mode the descent vertical speed until I can see if the level-off symbol at ND is near or at the waypoint/selected-altitude by ALT knob at FCU after that INITIATE DESCENT message at START DESCENT CHECKLIST.


Thank you for some feedback.

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