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Mega Airport Brussels Service Pack 1 download


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Well, that's something I can't answer, as I'm not a techie.

I just found this download on their site.

There is also a forum:


This is a link to a thread that seems to be of some interest.


And this one above brings you in the main lobby of the Brussels forum.

I just only took me a quick look.

Please let us all now if you find some other valuable info everyone of us can use here as well.

Will be testing out this SP1 first and see how it works.

Maybe that's also the best we can do before deleting anything.

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I can confirm that the airplanes do take off now!!

So I assume that you don't have to delete anything at all.

I didn't, and they take off.

Nevertheless do I feel that the files in the map ground_mips should not be installed because I think that this has engaged building flickering when on the ground whereas I didn't had that before.

So will delete these files and see what it does, also to some taxi and runway lights going out and on till they seem to finally stay on after a minute or so.

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Ok, what I know so far by testing it out in DX10.

There are problems that I had not before, even in DX10.

Now the airport becomes extremely ugly in DX10 at night and at day.

So, if it could be of some soulage, as the airport was very beautiful without this SP1 in DX 9 in Daytime and Nightime, and in DX10 only at daytime, I would

strongly advice everyone who download this SP1 to only try to find the new afcad files and ONLY, yes ONLY install these.

The AI planes do take off, but the Airport will stay perfect in all it's glory.

The only problem now is perhaps the landing towards runway 07 in daytime, as that one is a very difficult one to do due very problematic flickering view till you almost have to touch down, and will have thus as good as no way to correct little deviations in time.

So again:

Do not copy any of the files to the respective folders then solely the new afcad files!!!!

It's the worst Service Pack I ever have encountered.

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I can confirm the above post of myself.

Only install the new afcad if you also intend to fly on Brussels in DX10 during the day, or even at night for that matter no matter the DX10 incompatibility at the moment.

I just tested it out in DX09 by uninstalling the Airport so to get rid of all the files of SP1 as well. Reinstalled it, but only those files that were newer this time.

So when you copy the files in your folder, do only copy the ones that are newer.

Don't copy old files, as it seems to be working perfect in DX09, even at night. No flickering of the building lights, nor of the runway and taxi lights going out and on.

The flickering in DX10 on the other hand does keep occuring, also with only copying the files that are newer. This wasn't a problem before. The same with regard to the taxi and runway lights. They keep going out and on, but I notice that it has something to do with turning the camera.

This is easily visible when parked at gate 310 and then turn the camera to the right and back. You see the lights staying on, but once you turn the camera they start to go out and on. It was not so before installing this SP1, nor did it help by only installing the newer files.

So I really don't know what file could cause this in this SP1.

In any case: my conclusion of this SP1 with regard to DX10 is to only install the afcad, unless the afcad is the problem of those lights going out and on when turning the camera, but it's just something that I thought about right now.

The flickering of the only lighted building stays. But there should be no problems in DX10 I think when only the Afcad is thus copied, except the known incopatibility problem for the moment at night. But there was no flickering before SP1, and so there should be none also when only this afcad is installed.

Thus when flying in DX10 no matter the known night problems, then only copy the Afcad when and if I hope this does not cause the conflict with the camera view and the going out and on of the taxi and runway lights.

In DX09 seems everything working fine when only installing the newer files. So you will have the maximum of this SP1 in DX09 I suppose unless some other issues are to be discovered when giving it a more thorough testing, which I'm sure many others will do when having the time for it.

Final conclusion:


(And yes, this also for DX10 when you would only fly in the day to Brussels, there is problem with of extreme flickering of the building closest to runway 07 left. This was not there before this SP1, and only installing the newer files hasn't cured this new problem)


And then this SP1 should at least being a bit better than worse, but I would have expected it not to make things much more worse in DX10, even by only installing the newer files by overwriting the older ones.

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hi all,

Just to put things in perspective.That SP1 download is not intended to be used with Mega Airport Brussels for FSX.It was available on their website long before Mega Airport came out.That's why when using it with DX10 it looks so bad.And yes if you unzip it into FSX you get 2 afcad files:the existing AFX one with the errors and a AF2 file intended for FS9.That's why planes take of now but it certainly isn't to be used with FSX.Could have some repaircushions for the scenery like Cornel himself said in another thread here, like messing up rain effect I think it was he said.

So we still waiting on that NEW afcad for FSX.


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Yeah, then too good to be true.

I thought it to be the one, as it was the only one on the website regarding Brussels.

After all, the Mega one is out for sale quite some time now, and thus you wouldn't expect it to be a service pack of something older, especially with all those reported problems.

So, it was all a waste of time, and a beautiful hope dashed into the ground???

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But it could also explain why I can't register my Mega Brussels Airport online, as the only one you can choose is Brussels Airport.

There is no choice that says Mega this or mega that, meaning that it's for the old one, and therefore I can't register my FSX copy of Brussels.

It's a guess, but it would make sense based on what you wrote about that SP1 download Mark.

And this is than an Aerosoft issue I suppose, as I assume that they will put the download on their site when available with regard to the afcad.

At least I hope so.

But if the planes do take of with that afcad now, would it be that dramatic?

If it only messes around with the weather, then personally I won't find this too bad, after all what can happen than only arriving in extremely sunny weather when just about a few miles from touchdown becoming greated with a major thunderstorm, or a visibility less than 200 meters all of a sudden.

Okay, the latter one would be not that nice, especially for the view, and the former... well maybe, but you at least see still something.

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Thanks for all the detailed information you guys...

So we still dont have the FSX afcad...i was reading about the "AFX" program,available in the flight1 shop.I am considering to buy it and use it to make an afcad myself for EBBR.They also say you can convert FS9 afcads to FSX afcads.If this would be so easy,so why dont they give us the converted file right away??I will test the new FS9 afcad file in FSX,and then convert it...if that is possible.I'll let you know.Probably thursday or friday...

If inbetween we suddenly have a new FSX afcad though,let us know...


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ok,i buyed the AFX,opened the original AFX afcad we got with the installing of EBBR FSX.I worked on it and corrected a lot of mistakes (not all,because i have to get used to working with afcads again...

BUT!Airplanes are taking off now,where earlier they got stuck on each other and didnt want to take off.

I discovered a problem with hold short nodes.The mean problem seemed to that there was NO hold short node at all for entering the 07L/25R runway.So airplanes just all went together to the start location for taking off,without holding short and waiting for clearance.they didnt take off as we all know.

So i quickly solved this,but i have still more work to do to really be sure everything works.I also will try a few things out: i could open and close any runway for taking off or landing.

The moment i corrected the taking off,i saw also the airplanes were landing on the same runway,so i closed the 07L/25R for landing and now they seem to land on both runways 07L/25R and 07R/25L,but only take off from 07L/25R.

Also corrected an anomaly in the way airplanes taxied off the runway on the 07R/25L

So this is the corrected(a "bit" corrected) FSX afcad file...

Later this week i'll work on it.Inbetween you can try it out,and see if it does something with DX10 yes or no.I cannot answer that,because i still have to install the acceleration addon.


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Just went for a test in DX10.

But even tho I didn't had those flickering taxi & runway lights at my first install, the problem seems to persist, even after reinstalling it. So it's clearly not related to the afcad in DX10. So, if you don't want to have a headache, don't use Brussels at night neither in DX10 I would say.

I think someone loves Christmas very much, only a bit too much. :lol: :roll:

I know, it's no problem in DX9. Then everything works fine, and only the afcad was needed.

But your file Hans works perfect, the planes do take off in DX10 as well on Rwy 07L/25R, and land at Rwy 07R/25L. I went for a take off at day and fly a pattern around the airport, and while on final for Rwy 25 R I did heard ATC direct a flight behind me to the same Rwy25R.

So it seems as it is as you say. They land on both and do take off on Rwy 25R.

But one thing I'm wondering, and I don't know if there is any afcad in FSX that does this, as I just thought about it right now. So didn't paid attention to it.

Does ATC also direct landings for airplanes based on wind direction as well, or are these things fixed in every afcad file for every default airport in FSX as well as an add-on one?

I thought about this based on all that protesting with regard to the kind of Rwys that were being used at Brussels by the people who live around the airport, meaning will they for instance land also on the Rwys 07L or 07R when the wind changes direction for instance, or 20 and 2, or taking off based on the wind direction as well, or some protesters to make it a bit more real.

Well done job Hans!! :wink: :D

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Took me a test this time in DX9, and everything works superbly Hans. :D :wink:

Nothing to say wrongly about the Mega Airport Brussels at all.

Honestly, I think that I after all will fly in DX9 on Brussels, and other free flights and use DX10 only to fly the missions.

At least, as such I can use my AI planes and see Brussels in all its glory.

Yeah, I must admit that those gates are too empty when using default AI, as all of them are always being directed to the occasional 'visitors' gates it seems.

Want to see a few DHL AI's at the DHL cargo parking spots.

Tho, the only thing they could change a bit is to make sure that we see the lights of the Rwys a bit sooner when landing at night. Now you only start to see them when you have been cleared to land.

And that's quite late I must say, especially when you land manually, and not on autopilot.

Another thing what I hope that could be corrected is that flickering of the airport when coming in to land. It makes it also hard to see the Rwy perfectly when coming for landing. This is the same in DX9 as well as in DX10.

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Thursday i will try out that possibility you are talking about...i was in fact thinking the same.I'll open the other runway for landing and take off,and do tests with different wind directions...At this moment they are just closed,so i first have to change that.Then i also corrected already the take off problem on other runways too...if it works,i'll send the new afcad file,with all the corrections...

I use UT for my AI traffic,and because i nearly did assing all exisitng paints,its as real as it gets,next time i'll send you some screenshots from my Brussels airport.



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HI,i just have read all the new topics about the AFCAD problems,and also saw your pictures,Bernabie.All those topics seem to be closed,so i suppose we have to continue here :wink: .

I didnt have the time this week to work on the AFCAD,but i did already take some information about the way traffic is going on in the real life EBBR airport,because i would like to make the AFCAD as real as possible.Eventually i will work on overlays too.I know,there will be an official update soon or late,but if i make my own update,i at least understand the way AFCADS are being made,and want to use this experience to make others.

While flying around EBBR to see how my AFCAD worked,i suddenly was confrontated with the flickering and shimmering of the addon.I nearly get headache of it...is there a way to stop these always moving and flashy images?The yellow taxilines seem to have a really busy life : they are quite stressed by something lol.Only when i dont move,the calmness comes back...it irritates me...i was even thinking of going back to the default airport...maybe i missed some settings?(I didnt install "acceleration").

So maybe this weekend i'll start working on the AFCAD,and will listen also to some eventually new suggestions inbetween...

Kind regards,


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Thanks Hans, :D :wink:

And yeah I know, the airport does shimmer and flicker when you come in for a landing during the day.

It's even difficult to to know and be sure of being perfectly aligned with the Runway especially when you land not on autopilot, and this with a Boeing 747.

But I don't know if something can be done about that. Only Cornel know what kind of code he has used to cause this to happen.

Let's hope that he will address this issue as well.

In the mean time do I appreciate your efforts, especially in getting the AI planes, and of course we ourselves when we take off or land, can take off and land from on different runways.

I tested Cornel's afcad out with different weather setting, and thus direction of the wind, but whatever I chose whether from the north, sout, west or east, the departure and landings were always on Runway 25R.

Of course, have only tested this out for a few hours, and on different days as well. And again, Cornel can only shed more light on this, if it's truly so that only Runway 25R is open while all others have been closed within the afcad.

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Well first i am taking all information possible.I know an ATC controler of EBBR and he gave me this information :

Runway selection

Most of the time during day time, if the tail wind does not exceeds 7 kts (gusts included) and the crosswind does not

exceeds 20 kts (gusts included), Runway 25R will be selected for takeoff and Runway 25L for landing. To reduce taxi

time and/or to avoid runway crossing, runway 25R can also be used for landing for VFR, cargo and military aircraft. At

night and on Sunday afternoon, things are different. See table Below.

A typical configuration for easterly winds is : runway 02 for landing and runway 07R for take-off.



Local Times !

0600 to 1659

1700 tot 2259

2300 to 0259

0300 to 0559




07R / 07L *


25R / 25L

25R / 25L20



25R25R / 20 **


25R / 25L25R / 25LWED



07R / 07L *LDG

25R / 25L25R / 25L20



25R25R / 20 **


25R / 25L25R / 25LFRI



07R / 07L *LDG

25R / 25L25R / 25L20

0600 to 1359

1400 to 2259

http://beluxvacc.org - Belux vACC Powered by Mambo Generated: 25 November, 2007, 11:59

2300 to 0559






25L / 25R25R


0600 to 16591700 to 2259

2300 to 0259





25R / 20 **


25R / 25L25R / 25L

The Preferential Runway System is not the determining factor in runway selection under the following circumstances:

- For RWYs 25R, 25L, 07L and 07R: when RWY s are dry or wet and the cross and/or tail wind component exceed(s)

respectively 20 kt and 7 kt (gusts included).

- For RWY s 20 and 02 for landing ACFT : when RWYs are dry or wet and the cross and/or tail wind component

exceed(s) respectively 15 kt and 5 kt (gusts included).

- For RWYs 20 and 02 for departing ACFT from 2300 to 0559: when RWYs are dry or wet and the cross and/or tail wind

component exceed(s) respectively 15 kt and 5 kt (gusts included).

- For RWYs 20 and 02 for departing ACFT from 0600 to 2259: when RWYs are dry or wet and the cross and / or tail

wind component exceed(s) respectively 15 kt and 0 kt (gusts included).

- When RWYs are contaminated or when the braking action is less than good.

- During low visibility operations.

- When alternative RWYs are successively requested by pilots for safety reasons.

- When wind shear has been reported or forecast or when thunderstorms are expected to affect the APCH or DEP.

When the components exceed the values stated here above, a RWY more nearly into wind will be assigned. However,

neither RWYs 07L and 07R shall be used for LDG , except when no other suitable RWY is AVBL.

So i think,Bernadette,that we come close to reality,if the AI traffic lands on 25R and 25L,and takes off at 25R.I live very close to EBBR,and yes,every time nearly when i am there,the taking off is from 25R.So if i can keep the AFCAD like i did the last time,and try to get the landing and take off on runway 20,02 with different winds,and close the 07R and 07L for landing,we should be close to reality,isnt it?

Kind regards,


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Yes, that's very true Hans.

I see now how they manage their system. It's what I hadn't noticed in my testing out as I just have on purpose chose me even winds of over 30 kts with gusts to even 40 once, even have chosen me a thunderstorm and put the speed of this wind to 250 feet.

And still, runway25R, even when such a strong wind came from the east, west, north or south. Tho, I can understand why Cornel did put everything on Rwy25R, as it's the one that is mostly used, at least for take off, and also landings.

But it is as you said that a more spreaded system would bring in more reality, as many planes do land and take off in Brussel, which mean that when it's rush hour in a manner for speaking, then you somehow will have to use more than one Rwy. At least I assume it to be so. I have never flown tho, neither myself nor as an passenger.

It would be great, if possible, to have a very realistic one. Thanks! :D :wink:

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