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Navdata coverage

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after some time with Navigraph, I only yesterday treated myself to Navdata Pro, mainly because I prefer the LIDO charts over Jeppesen for airliner simming.

Thus, I purchased the Navdata Pro complete one year package, i. e. charts + navdata.


I use the navdata with PFPX and the FSL A320 (sorry ...)


I was a little surprised that neither PFPX nor the FSL bus data have any RNAV transitions included, e. g. NVO14 in EDDK or PSA25S etc. in EDDF, just as examples. 

Only the „normal“ STARs seem to be coded in the navdata.


Of course, all these transitions are contained in the charts that match the navdata cycle. The waypoints are there and the transitions can be manually entered fix by fix into the aircraft FMC or into PFPX, but that is quite time-consuming and error-prone.


I understand that Aerosoft is legally required to pass on to us whatever Lufthansa gives you, without making any changes.

So I am surprised that Lufthansa provides FMC databases without these transitions. No offense, but is this real or do we get a stripped-down dataset from Lufthansa because we don‘t pay the big $$$ that real airlines would pay?


Thanks for clarification.



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Oh, and  btw, I love your iPad charts app. Lightweight, fast also on older hardware, practical, no-nonsense. Exactly what I wanted :)

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RNAV transitions are included in our dataset. They are located differently though.
While Jepp/Navigraph locate those transitions among the STARs in the database LIDO inserts them as transitions (which they technically are). Therefore, in the Airbus, you will find them under APPR VIAS and not under the STARs.

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The same happened to me today in EDDF. PFPX is not showing me RNAV trasitions anymore (f.e ASPAT4W). The FSLABS Airbus also did not show me any RNAV STAR's - to be honest I'd have to look one more time in the MCDU. Moreover  in EDDF I had no RWYs or SID/STARS to choose from in the FMC. (PMDG 747-8). What could be the problem here?

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