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  1. EDIT: They seem to exist in the dataset, because when I try to insert them in to the FMC of PMDG's 777 - it works! But it does not work in PFPX.
  2. Hello! It seems like Aerosoft's Navdata Pro (1810) is missing some airways over Russia. f.e: T637, T872, R493, R834 Skyvector also shows these airways and looking at a real world OFP to Shanghai Pudong in october, theses airways appear in the routing. It would be nice if you fix this asap. Regard's Georg
  3. Support ID : 91A5F547256DFB0797A5FA47F870F747EB32F5478CA5E647D9A59975FF06 FS9 Win 7 x64 Hallo Oliver ! Ich weiss du hast bestimmt viel zu tun aber ich bitte dich um Hilfe . Seit gestern gibt AES Config mir diese Meldungen, wenn ich es starten will ! Bitte hilf mir, ich verzweifel Lg aus Wien
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