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  1. EDIT: They seem to exist in the dataset, because when I try to insert them in to the FMC of PMDG's 777 - it works! But it does not work in PFPX.
  2. Hello! It seems like Aerosoft's Navdata Pro (1810) is missing some airways over Russia. f.e: T637, T872, R493, R834 Skyvector also shows these airways and looking at a real world OFP to Shanghai Pudong in october, theses airways appear in the routing. It would be nice if you fix this asap. Regard's Georg
  3. The same happened to me today in EDDF. PFPX is not showing me RNAV trasitions anymore (f.e ASPAT4W). The FSLABS Airbus also did not show me any RNAV STAR's - to be honest I'd have to look one more time in the MCDU. Moreover in EDDF I had no RWYs or SID/STARS to choose from in the FMC. (PMDG 747-8). What could be the problem here?
  4. Guten Morgen! Ich wollte mir gerade NAVDATA PRO per Sofortüberweisung kaufen, konnte diese Methode aber leider nicht auswählen. Wenn ich in meine Einstellungen gehe, um die Zahliungsart zu ändern, springt es jedes mal beim Bestellversuch wieder auf Vorkasse. Geht das Bezahlen mit "Giropay" nicht mehr? Lg
  5. First of all please take a look at this: - so it is available in the real database. And secondly, it is published in YOUR charts with effective Date: 21-JUN-2018
  6. Yes of course, it's also published in the LIDO charts (Aerosoft). Please re-check! Navigraph also has the VOR approach included.
  7. It seems like that both the VOR DME 05 and 23 circling approach are missing in the databank. Any chance of adding them? Thanks!
  8. Support ID : 91A5F547256DFB0797A5FA47F870F747EB32F5478CA5E647D9A59975FF06 FS9 Win 7 x64 Hallo Oliver ! Ich weiss du hast bestimmt viel zu tun aber ich bitte dich um Hilfe . Seit gestern gibt AES Config mir diese Meldungen, wenn ich es starten will ! Bitte hilf mir, ich verzweifel Lg aus Wien
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