A319 Pro Out Of Control After Takeoff, Banks Left, Right then plunges!

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On 8/11/2018 at 10:04 PM, mike4648 said:

Well its the A319 that's the problem, as per the title of the post. I haven't tested the A318 until just now and it flies normally, "?" because im surprised! I'm surprised because the A318 does not exhibit those out of control dynamics.


Besides the size, what is different between the 2? A319 is UN-flyable, A318 flies normally. Same settings. All i did for the A318 was turn off True-glass. Would that be the problem?


Mike again, it seems to be only you who see this issue. The flight computer software is 100% the same for the A318 and A319 so it seems totally unlikely that what you see is an issue with the code.

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Have you tried both variants of the A319 - CFM and IAE?

Also, what about different models within engine variant?

May have no relevance but is just a thought.

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