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  1. Well its the A319 that's the problem, as per the title of the post. I haven't tested the A318 until just now and it flies normally, "?" because im surprised! I'm surprised because the A318 does not exhibit those out of control dynamics. Besides the size, what is different between the 2? A319 is UN-flyable, A318 flies normally. Same settings. All i did for the A318 was turn off True-glass. Would that be the problem?
  2. Tested A318 and it flys normally? Tested over default p3d4 scenery. Also tested it from LAX SC ORBX for 15min and its a normal flight. What now?
  3. Yes its control surfaces, just as if i was turning the aircraft to the right or the left. But it rolls right then immediately left then continues on for some seconds and stops then starts up again. I'm running FS2Crew Aerosoft Airbus Pro 3.1 FSUIPC ACTIVE SKY - OFF GSX Trueglass RAAS Chaseplane Thats it really. I'v decided not to fly the A318/319 now. I just cant see myself doing a fresh install not when i have over 500gb of ORBX scenery + others. 4.3 is very stable for me. I have not had a single issue with it. I even upgraded to the lastest AMD drivers and its still stable. When i was running V4.1 i could only run AMD Driver otherwise there would be a driver crash. But im happy to report that with 4.3 i can now run the latest drivers. Also, i only upgraded from 4.1 to 4.3 because i wanted to fly the Airbus. Also, the upgrade was vrom 4.1 -> 4.3. Excluding 4.2 as per Lockheed Martin this was not a necessary step. - Mike
  4. Ok thanks, Yes as part of my upgrade i deleted the p3d config file to have it regenerate and also removed the shaders just so the upgrade could recreate them. Im going to start by uninstalling this addon and reinstalling it. If that doesnt work ill have to go the other route.
  5. I see so your saying this addon is far more complex and eats up more resources than PMDG, Capt Sim? Yet im running a i7-7700k processor.
  6. Iv killed over 300 people already. Id make a video but it would make you sick to your stomach. Please explain the full uninstall process right down to removing every single folder so i can do an uninstall. I will be using REVO. What additional folders and files will i need to delete to make the uninstall process complete? On that note i also have RAAS' installed + FS2CREW. ALSO own CRJ and that works fine. - Mike
  7. Err the client update is the recommended way of upgrading from v4.x. In my case i did two things. I uninstalled the content then the client and reinstalled both. I did not see the reason why i should reinstall scenery. So that cant be the problem here. Also, it is related to Aerosoft and this addon. Because i just flew a flawless flight from LAX to LAS using PMDG 737. Smooth as silk. No jitters no out of control situations, no frame drops, no crashes and this was the FIRST FLIGHT i'v done with PMDG since upgrading to V4.3 yet there was not one issue. If it was the SIM i would be seeing this issue across multiple aircraft's and i dont. How can that be explained?
  8. FOR THE RECORD, all my Aerosoft aircrafts A3xx under FSX had all kinds of issues as well. For instance, every aircraft i ever tried from Aerosoft always exhibited the same issue and that is OVERSPEED. It could never maintain the proper speed during cruise. It would always end up in the red zone then the autopilot would try to compensate by reducing the speed then it increased speed and reduced speed over and over. The whole cruise was a joke. I stopped flying Aerosoft aircraft's because they always had this issue under FSX. Now this?
  9. I'm not sure what is causing this. So far since installing Aerosoft PRO 2 days ago i have not had a successful flight without rolling out of control after takeoff and plunging to the earth out of control. 1) On takeoff my engines do not spool up FLEX in order to make a proper takeoff. I have to ignore V2 and force the aircraft to use a bit more runway to get off the ground. 2) After takeoff i cant control the left right ailerons. She stars pitching to the left then right violently and i struggle to keep the plane in a straight line. MY FPS DIVES! 3) Now comes the crescendo. As soon as i enable autopilot the plane stars banking further to the right then the left then the right then the left violently and VERY FAST as it tries to follow the set route. 4) Eventually, the plane rolls too hard to the left or right, rolls over and dives to the ground? Cant pull it out of the drive at 5,000ft. CRASH! What the hell? It does this every time i try to fly the A319. So far i have not been able to leave LAX for LAS. Yes, i have the latest updates. And yes it was a fresh install after upgrading to P3D V4.3 from V4.1. NO, it does not happen with PMDG 737. 777, 747 or any other aircraft. Can anyone shed some light on this? 1st flight was without Active Sky. 2nd flight was without Active sky and the last fight i just finished was With. Its not weather, Active Sky or turbulence!!! Thanks - Mike
  10. Ye in generally pretty unhappy with AMD cards. I have all kinds of issues with the Radeon drivers outside of PFPX. The only version i can run is 1.7.4. Any other versions of the Radeon drivers, including the latest version, crashes out FSX P3D4. Dont know why but those are the only drivers i can run on windows 7. The driver version is like 2yrs old now. When i upgrade to the latest drivers FS Crashes every time.
  11. Yes thank you, its works with C. Will it ever work with 9i?
  12. The map is still not working properly. It does not plot a line from point a to point b. And i cant move the map up or down with my mouse. So back to square one! When i run the 1.28.9i installer it says; You have tried to install PFPX on two devices in the last 180 days. NOT TRUE! Then it errors out with WORLD MAP NOT FOUND!
  13. Ok well i tried installing 1.28.9i as you suggested then it asked for my key but immediately after that it says CANT FIND WOLD MAP and crashes out! It seems to be working now after lots of hair pulling!
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