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  1. In the release schedule for P3D v5 it was said the A320 would be available this week. Did this happen or has there been a delay?
  2. Thank you Mark I have a much better understanding for positioning Windows using Widescreen and Nvidia Surround. Helped a great deal.
  3. I have the Twin Otter loaded spanning three screens in p3d v4. When I press Shift+2 the checklist pop-up displays but is distorted. I have tried to edit the window data in the Panel.cfg and have been able alter the position of the window and it window_size but cannot extend the depth of the display to get a reasonable size ratio. I have done this before to other aircraft when using widescreen settings but cannot get the desired effect on this occasion. I know I can have the pop-up load in a distorted way and stretch the vertical aspect and I can save it as a loadable scenario but I would prefer to be able to simply use the Shift+2 option from a re-configured config file. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. My doors don't close until I call the tug. When I am ready I call the tug in GSX. I ignore the directional requests and the doors are closedd, the airbridge is retracted and GSX goes away. I then recall it to start the pushback after the pre-departure checklist is complete.
  5. Thanks. As I alluded to previously, a nice addition.
  6. At present when the cargo loaders are in position the cargo doors are automatically opened. However, when they have finished loading the cargo doors remain open until the pushback trigger is activated. Is it possible for the cargo doors to be closed when the cargo loaders back away from the aircraft? Cursory examination of the XML would suggest not but I'm not overly familiar with XML coding. Not a big deal because the aircraft will be in flying state by the time the aircraft commences it's pushback but if possible it would be nice to have.
  7. I had a quick run through this new GSX/Aerosft Airbus link today. One word, brilliant! Thank you to the developer for both creating and allowing Aerosoft to bundle it up in an update. At first I thought something wasn't working then realised that the function engages when the loaders are at the side of the aircraft or the stairs/jetway are engaged or the caterers arrive at the side of the aircraft. More realism.
  8. When I load the A320 in P3Dv4 the deafault panel view is 'Virtual Cockpit'. My preference view is CP Main Panel. Could someone point me in the direction of altering a .cfg to have this view loaded automatically and save me from having to fiddle with menus. Thanks
  9. I have taken another look at my settings and they are set correctly in Pounds and not KGS. I have some screen shots below . If I'm missing something I would be happy to change it to reflect the correct weight standard. I am currently manually changing the figure in the 'Block' field to the correct value. I should also add that I am using the click on empty field option then click again to isnert the value shown on the scratchpad.
  10. When I load the information from the Fuel Planner into the A320IAE from a loadsheet it shows 23.98 thousand pounds of fuel. The FOB shows the correct amount but when transferring data into the MCDU from the loadsheet data it reduces the figure to the Kg value - i.e. 10.0 or thereabouts. I thought I had seen something on this recently but may have been mistaken as I cannot find it searching the forums. If it is a known issue, all good and well but if not then it needs to be raised as one. Thanks
  11. This comment related to the CFM engine variant so is not relevant.
  12. I may be having the same issue with the IAE model. I set up everything according to correct procedures and had a FLEX of 67 in the MCDU. Take off commenced and I rotated at the calculated speed and correct rate. Within seconds of lift off speed started to decay rapidly and I was forced to firewall the throttles and drop the nose to maintain level flight until speed was sufficient to recommence climbout. When speed was sufficient and positive rate was achieved I retracted the undercarriage and set the Autopilot. The aircraft accelerated to 250knts and continued to climb at a satisfactory rate. This not the first time I have had this problem and I can't be certain (and I certainly could be wrong) but it may have started when the IAE taxi rate was altered to slow taxi speed down under idle throttle conditions.
  13. Looks like it's fixed. Thank you.
  14. If this is not an issue for Aerosoft - just say so and I'll be on my way but don't leave it hanging.
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