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  1. In the release schedule for P3D v5 it was said the A320 would be available this week. Did this happen or has there been a delay?
  2. Thank you Mark I have a much better understanding for positioning Windows using Widescreen and Nvidia Surround. Helped a great deal.
  3. I have the Twin Otter loaded spanning three screens in p3d v4. When I press Shift+2 the checklist pop-up displays but is distorted. I have tried to edit the window data in the Panel.cfg and have been able alter the position of the window and it window_size but cannot extend the depth of the display to get a reasonable size ratio. I have done this before to other aircraft when using widescreen settings but cannot get the desired effect on this occasion. I know I can have the pop-up load in a distorted way and stretch the vertical aspect and I can save it as a loadable scenario but I would prefer to be able to simply use the Shift+2 option from a re-configured config file. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. This comment related to the CFM engine variant so is not relevant.
  5. I may be having the same issue with the IAE model. I set up everything according to correct procedures and had a FLEX of 67 in the MCDU. Take off commenced and I rotated at the calculated speed and correct rate. Within seconds of lift off speed started to decay rapidly and I was forced to firewall the throttles and drop the nose to maintain level flight until speed was sufficient to recommence climbout. When speed was sufficient and positive rate was achieved I retracted the undercarriage and set the Autopilot. The aircraft accelerated to 250knts and continued to climb at a satisfactory rate. This not the first time I have had this problem and I can't be certain (and I certainly could be wrong) but it may have started when the IAE taxi rate was altered to slow taxi speed down under idle throttle conditions.
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