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Force displays software rendering option

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Oddly, my GPU is actually better than my CPU performance-wise therefore I prefer that cockpit displays are rendered more on the GPU rather than the CPU. This option exists in the professional bus which I leave unticked and it provides me with somewhat of an FPS boost with my FPS averaging around 13 previously and now it's 25 after I have it un-ticked.


You can see it here under the 'Performance' section:



In the CRJ my FPS is horrid and I do believe it's because the cockpit displays are using my CPU a lot more than my GPU.


Could such an option be implemented, please? Or am I completely wrong and is everything rendered on the GPU in the cockpit and I'm just unlucky because I get <13 FPS in the CRJ.


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If you get that little fps in the CRJ, I can guarantee you that something else is wrong. Besides, the graphics system used in the CRJ doesn't offer a "software rendering option", so it's not possible.

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