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Auto pilot calculation incorrect

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I loaded a flightplan from 2016 from EDDF to LDDP

Distance is 1653 miles and the sim indicated 1:33 flying time which makes no sense

I checked in the MCDU and found a strange calculation between QPD and (T/D) with 1020 Miles to go in 17 minutes ...?


Can you check if this is the load or just wrong?

Thanks, cmd


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Time time looks correct for a flight from Frankfurt to Croatia, but the distance is certainly not.

Could you give us your full flightplan and payload details so that we can try to replicate this one?

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EDDF to LPPD is Acores ... (I mis-spelled above LDDP, apologies)


PAX 156

Cargo 6.0

Fuel 12.0


Init page: EDDF/LPPD, CI 50, CRZ 340



see picture above, 1658 Miles, Time calculated 134

Between QPR and (T/D) is 1016 Miles but time calculated is 114 to 132 ???


Miles differ a bit as still on ground versus picture which was shortly after take off

I entered this time plan manually, so it is not a load issue


Thanks for checking ..


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After entering now an arrival runway, time goes to 348 for 1664 Miles ...


But it should calculate flight time even without runway information ... or?

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See if this is one of the items solved with version If not it is on our list to be looked at.

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Hi Mathijs,


just checked, I think it is a wider issue not fixed with release

INIT page added eddf/lppd, CI 40, FL 360

see left active sky flight planner

right F-PLN, even with discontinuity, distance and time wrong with no way points inserted: 


now I remove discontinuity and distance corrects itself but time incorrect:


now I added the arrival runway 30 in lppd and time changes to correct duration:



I hope that helps, I would expect estimated time and distance to be correct even if you have a flightplan discontinuity, or is that not correct?





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Okay I will ask Choobe to look into this. Thanks for the good reporting!

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Just to add on my story

Flight KBOS to EGLL

all fuel and weight inputs done

even added a runway at egll (27L)

In flightplan page, it predicts landindg on EGLL27L at 0018 UTC

But one row below, it says DEST EGLL27L with 1459? Am I missreading this?

I know you are working on this but wanted to share more facts ..






INIT page 1


INIT page 2



Let me know if you need any more information


By the way, when I recorded this, it was UTC 21:15 roughly ..

so landing prediction of 00:18 is about right, maybe only a display issue for DEST UTC display?


I really like to help and not complain :) 


Have a good weekend



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just out of curiosity, why is my reputation -6? what have I done wrong? :) 

ok, wrong subject in that topic, I just realized .. lol, so ignore, I can stand the heat!

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now on final, DEST time was corrected, see picture

but referring to other posts

flightplan indicated for a descend from FL340 to 3000 ft only 89m causing these steep descen rates of more than 4000fpm

in real life, a flight would descend at 120 nm or?

I only managed to get to EGLL with speed brakes out right after TOD .. why?image.thumb.png.9e0dbf9883384825674b510d6a9e54c4.png


good night





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