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  1. Guys, does this make sense? FLP loaded, all fuel pages done.. but look at fplan calc deviating from arrival at 0432 which is right but lower white column indicates 1872?
  2. f-ger_cmd

    missed destination and now?

    schaut mal auf die UTC times und lamdings .... all wrong ..
  3. f-ger_cmd

    missed destination and now?

    so now I entered LOWI again but have no FLP on display?
  4. Hi, was flying from eddf to lowi but due to picking tomatoes, I missed my approach why would the flightplan not continue to show my distance?
  5. f-ger_cmd

    Auto pilot calculation incorrect

    now on final, DEST time was corrected, see picture but referring to other posts flightplan indicated for a descend from FL340 to 3000 ft only 89m causing these steep descen rates of more than 4000fpm in real life, a flight would descend at 120 nm or? I only managed to get to EGLL with speed brakes out right after TOD .. why? good night cmd
  6. f-ger_cmd

    Not following the route? -> Read this

    Hi, see my other postings from tonight .. Not following flight plan again .. why? KBOS to EGLL all data entered no change to flightplan deviation from flightplan route .. Thanks cmd
  7. why is my MCDU underlay dark ? have I missed something on F12? If I then hit L for lights, it iluminates but why? again F12 page have I missed a switch? Typical behavior when I fly from light to dark ... Thanks for answering ... Christoph
  8. f-ger_cmd

    Company Route FP filename

    makes a lot of sense
  9. f-ger_cmd

    Auto pilot calculation incorrect

    just out of curiosity, why is my reputation -6? what have I done wrong? ok, wrong subject in that topic, I just realized .. lol, so ignore, I can stand the heat!
  10. f-ger_cmd

    Auto pilot calculation incorrect

    Just to add on my story Flight KBOS to EGLL all fuel and weight inputs done even added a runway at egll (27L) In flightplan page, it predicts landindg on EGLL27L at 0018 UTC But one row below, it says DEST EGLL27L with 1459? Am I missreading this? I know you are working on this but wanted to share more facts .. Thanks Christoph INIT page 1 INIT page 2 Let me know if you need any more information By the way, when I recorded this, it was UTC 21:15 roughly .. so landing prediction of 00:18 is about right, maybe only a display issue for DEST UTC display? I really like to help and not complain Thanks Have a good weekend Christoph
  11. f-ger_cmd

    Auto pilot calculation incorrect

    Any insights to share?
  12. Why is actual not following FLP? Aircraft far to th right?
  13. f-ger_cmd

    Auto pilot calculation incorrect

    with pleasure, let me know if I can assist more .. Christoph
  14. f-ger_cmd

    Auto pilot calculation incorrect

    Hi Mathijs, just checked, I think it is a wider issue not fixed with release INIT page added eddf/lppd, CI 40, FL 360 see left active sky flight planner right F-PLN, even with discontinuity, distance and time wrong with no way points inserted: now I remove discontinuity and distance corrects itself but time incorrect: now I added the arrival runway 30 in lppd and time changes to correct duration: I hope that helps, I would expect estimated time and distance to be correct even if you have a flightplan discontinuity, or is that not correct? Thanks cmd
  15. f-ger_cmd

    Auto pilot calculation incorrect

    May I ask for a reply please ... Thanks cmd