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Time acceleration


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Hi all, 

I have two questions: 

  1. Do the buses work well under time acceleration?
  2. I was wondering if AS is considering a feature (like the auto. CRZ feature on the PMDG 777) to accelerate time (like on the upcoming A330)?


Thank you, Max

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To the first answer I quote the Step-By-Step guide: "Especially during longer flights many users increase the simulation rate to shorten the flight. Please do not do this, as it can cause problems. This is because the avionics of 318/319/320/321 are completely reprogrammed and do not use any P3D standard features. This means that the avionics are not compatible with the time compression features of P3D." (page 06-01-3) And @DaveCT2003 wrote: 

17 minutes ago, DaveCT2003 said:

 Time Acceleration will work up to x4.

So forgive me if say so, but there seems to be a bit confusion...

Thanks, Max

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No confusion on my side my friend.   I'm just saying is that it works on my rig and those of others I know.  Now if someone is only getting 18 to 20 fps it may not work.


Officially Aerosoft does not recommend this, and if we said it modeled then we'd get a lot of reports from people with slower computers.


I would certainly save the flight before using Time Acceleration, at least until you know whether it works on your computer or not.


Best wishes.







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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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