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Loading Flightplans and setting Payload

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Loading Flightplans:

Open the MCDU. Go to INDEX -> ROUTE MENU -> PILOT ROUTE LIST and select the flight you want. After the "ROUTE LOADED" message appears, click LSK 5L to get to the SEC FPLN page followed by LSK 5R ("ACTIVATE")  and EXEC. Now you end up on the FPLN page. Click LSK 6R to get to the PERF INIT page to enter. If the flightplan contains performance data and the CRJ is configured to read it from the there, then you will find all fields pre-filled. Otherwise, you can fill the fields now. Once PERF INIT has been completed, click "EXEC" again, and your flight is ready (you should still review the LEGS page though).


Flightplan File (*.flp) contains:

  • The flightplan
  • Performance data (optional)

If "Load PERF INIT Data with Flightplan" is set to YES in the CRJ Manager (Options page), then the performance data is loaded into the respective fields on the PERF INIT page. If it's set to NO, the PERF INIT page will remain unchanged.

Load performance data from a flightplan does NOT change the current aircraft payload and fuel numbers. Those have to be manually set either through CRJ Manager or DAVE (but not both at the same time). (I agree that loading a flightplan and setting the aircraft payload at the same time would be a nice feature, so I'm going to add this to my list of potential future enhancements.)


Changing Payload with DAVE:

If you change the numbers for passengers, cargo and fuel in DAVE, it will give you 120 seconds to actually confirm these values by clicking "SET PAYLOAD AND FUEL". Only then, the actual payload will be set in FS. If the 120 seconds pass without clicking "SET PAYLOAD AND FUEL", the values will revert to the actual data in FS. Once everything has been set, the payload data can be copied to the MCDU PERF INIT page by clicking "COPY DATA TO PERF INIT".


Changing Payload with CRJ Manager:

CRJ Manager contains a simple trip fuel calculator. Simply set passengers and cargo and enter the basic information for your flight (distance, flight level, ISA temperature deviation, average headwind at cruise level, distance between destination and alternate and the respective flight level and finally reserve and taxi fuel). Now click the "Calculate" button and the actual fuel requirement will be calculated (with multiple iterations to get a precise number). Finally, click "Set Fuel & Payload in Flight Simulator" and the aircraft weights as well as the data on DAVE's PAYLOAD & FUEL page will be updated.


What you should avoid:

Try not to change weights in CRJ Manager and DAVE at the same time. This can very well lead to DAVE resetting the values that have been set by CRJ Manager.

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