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Do you really want to know what I think?

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Well, let me start by saying this , we all have different tastes and different likes.  

However, this Airbus has been done so beautifully well in performance, features, animations, textures, systems, and extras, that it  is almost impossible to dislike or say it's not my taste.

Well, we waited a long time. We got desperate, and at times we were inconsiderate in getting upset at Aerosoft. Yes, we should all apologize. 


I am very happy with this aircraft and even though I am a huge fan of the bigger Airbuses, I find myself constantly rolling down the runway on these baby buses. And who wouldn't with all the cuteness and agility, it is hard to keep your hands off the throttle. 

Thank you, Aerosoft.. What a wonderful job you guys have done !!!


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What a kind post, thanks!  And absolutely no reason to apologize in any way, we got thick skin.

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