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Aerosoft A320 compatible P3D V4


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19 minutes ago, LarsJ95 said:

Aerosoft A320 compatible P3D V4?

When is this ever going to happen?


Considering to purchase FS labs A320 since it's taking ages?

Are they even going to make it compatible?


Nothing's really 'taking ages'. It's called software development. It's a fluent, complicated and highly unpredictable process, of creating an addon for Flight Simulation, as complex as the Airbus, which Aerosoft is developing. Have patience. We're getting here...


You can follow development here in THIS LINK


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Sure the Aerosoft Airbus will be made compatible with P3Dv4! 


Please take a look into the preview topic for all latest previews and information (incl. the announced released date 26.06.2018)



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No, it will not. You need to have P3Dv4.2 installed. This is because v4.2 comes with lots of bug fixes the new Airbus really needs.


And with this I will close this topic. All questions related to the upcoming new version are either already answered in the above linked topic or can be asked there.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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