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Radio Operation Questions


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Can someone advise what the different knob positions mean & do on the ADF Selector knob (number 30)...I'm clueless?

Does switch #32 perform any function?  If so, what?

Is the Right Radio modeled?  Can't see that it does anything.  If it is modeled can someone explain it's operation?


Appreciate the help.

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Does this solve the issue?

Say you want to tune 0254 in the ADF.


Please login to display this image.

You set the 02 (shown as 2) with (1), Hundreds of KHz

You set the 5 with (2), Tens of KHz

You set the 4 with (3), single KHz


Switch 32 has no function. btw






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Thanks Mathijs.  I understood how to tune the ADF...just did not know what the Selector Knob #30 (as it's called in the manual) did.  Can you advise on that?


Also my question about what the manual calls the "Right Radio"...does it perform any function?



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