We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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  1. This is great Michael...thank you so much for continuing to develop this fine model. Garry
  2. In this hobby support is always provided by the developer/Publisher...not the seller. You need to contact Just Flight for support. And yes...the Aerosoft version of the DC-8 is much, much better.
  3. I use the CH Throttle Quadrant and have the throttle assigned to the Generic "Throttle" in P3D v4.4...not the "Engine 1 Throttle" and works fine.
  4. Hi Mathijs,

    Copied your email off the post about testers for the AN-2...but it came back as undeliverable, so trying this route.

    Have the AN-2 in P3D v4.4 and would be willing to test this update .  Have experience as Beta tester on two other products.




  5. Never mind...I figured out what I needed to change.
  6. Trying to set up GSX for the Cargo Variants. I see where your readme.txt says to "...rename the files to switch to the cargo version." Don't know what to rename them to. I assume they have to be copied to the GSX aircraft folder but that didn't help. When I load up a cargo aircraft I still get the non-cargo version of GSX. Appreciate any further direction you can provide. Thanks,
  7. I loaded a new flight by 1st loading the P3D default flight...than changing airports and aircraft to the 8. Since reading your reply, above, I played with it a little longer as follows (hope this helps): Aircraft would load with engines running Found if I left the engines running doors worked correctly When I went to cold & dark, doors worked incorrectly as reported If I activated external power doors would function correctly I know the checklist has to activate external power, as one of the first things, but I was not actually preparing for a flight last night and today...I was really just wanting to watch the new GSX load passengers since I have been flying GA aircraft for the last few months and had not seen the loading of passengers animation. So, I guess it is somehow tied to having power on the 8 operating. Any way...now that I know that I can go ahead and plan my flight. Thanks,
  8. Haven't flown the 8 in awhile (flying my GA aircraft) and now went to do a flight and find I can't get the rear passenger door nor the service doors to open (always worked before. Tried several other aircraft that have multiple doors and they work fine. Using version 1.0.03 in P3D V4.3. Thanks for your help.
  9. With MCE's help found the issue...Needed: reference to the aircraft install location in the P3D "add-ons.cfg" file a DC-8_50_ref.cfg file in the MCE reference folder...I've attached the file MCE sent me This file would need to be placed in the "C:/Program Files (x86)/Multi Crew Experience/Reference" folder. Would suggest you reference the above in your installer instructions for 3rd party add-ons functionality for the aircraft. Hope that helps. DC-8_50_ref.txt
  10. That was me. Since MCE worked in the beta I thought you might know of something that had changed. I have contacted MCE support to see if they can help. Would like to know if anyone else is successful (or not) using MCE with the 8. Thanks,
  11. Sorry...forgot to say just downloaded and installed 1.0.3 version of the 8
  12. Hello Michael, I can't get MCE to recognize the 8. See attached message from MCE. Thanks, MCE Message.pdf
  13. Thank you for the info on the ASC...I've corrected my file.
  14. Would love to see the SAS earlier livery on this DC-8 50. Thank you. SAS_DC-8-33_OY-KTB_2.pdf
  15. My works and I have the aircraft outside of the default P3D folder. My P3D Gauges folder is in the default position.
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