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  1. This is great Michael...thank you so much for continuing to develop this fine model. Garry
  2. In this hobby support is always provided by the developer/Publisher...not the seller. You need to contact Just Flight for support. And yes...the Aerosoft version of the DC-8 is much, much better.
  3. Hi Mathijs,

    Copied your email off the post about testers for the AN-2...but it came back as undeliverable, so trying this route.

    Have the AN-2 in P3D v4.4 and would be willing to test this update .  Have experience as Beta tester on two other products.




  4. Would love to see the SAS earlier livery on this DC-8 50. Thank you. SAS_DC-8-33_OY-KTB_2.pdf
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