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Fuel Planner for cagro version of Twin Otter

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I want to ask You about one thing, the fuel planner for Twin Otter allows only to load 20 pax and only about 849lbs of cargo.

But I am flying my Twin Otter only for cargo operations in Air Hauler 2, so - is there a planner which allows me to load more cargo for my plane?

Because at the moment I can't find one I load my plane like this:


Simulating cargo by 20pax * 182lbs = 3640lbs


then I add cargo for value that is required by Air Hauler 2 job.


But it is a little bit annoying, so maybe there is a solution?



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From volume 1, page 1-1-8 of the manual: "If you want you can edit the aircraft.xml file (to be found in the C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Aerosoft \AerosoftTwinOtterExtended folder) to change your preferred layout." In the .xml file, you'll see a value in the different power setting and type sections for <cargopayloadmax>. Change it to what you need. From what I've seen regarding comments on modifying the .xml files, you'll need a particular editor. Here's a link to a free one I've seen favorably mentioned. Just make sure you're familiar with how to use it and back-up anything before editing.

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Thank You for Your help.


So, first of all the ZFM of the plane must be changed from 6850 (20 seats) to 6500 (cargo) in Aircraft.cfg:


empty_weight            = 6500        // 6850 =  Seats Installed, 6500 = Freight
max_gross_weight        = 12500
empty_weight_pitch_moi        = 18782
empty_weight_roll_moi        = 12419
empty_weight_yaw_moi        = 31388
empty_weight_coupled_moi    = 1600 
reference_datum_position    = 0.000, 0.000, 0.000
empty_weight_cg_position    = -0.730, 0.000, 0.000
max_number_of_stations        = 12
station_load.0            = 170.0,   9.27, -1.40, -2.00, 
station_load.1            = 170.0,   9.27,  1.40, -2.00,
station_load.2            =   0.0,   5.94,  0.00, -2.00,
station_load.3            =   0.0,   3.44,  0.00, -2.00,
station_load.4            =   0.0,   1.10,  0.00, -2.00,
station_load.5            =   0.0,  -1.56,  0.00, -2.00,
station_load.6            =   0.0,  -3.98,  0.00, -2.00,
station_load.7            =   0.0,  -6.23,  0.00, -2.00,
station_load.8            =   0.0,  -8.48,  0.00, -2.00,
station_load.9            =   0.0,  15.10,  0.00, -3.00, 
station_load.10            =   0.0, -12.31,  0.00, -3.00, 
station_load.11            =   0.0, -15.40,  0.00, -3.00, 
station_name.0            = Pilot
station_name.1            = Co-Pilot
station_name.2            = Row 1
station_name.3            = Row 2
station_name.4            = Row 3
station_name.5            = Row 4
station_name.6            = Row 5
station_name.7            = Row 6
station_name.8            = Row 7
station_name.9            = Fwd (200lb)
station_name.10            = Aft (500lb)
station_name.11            = Aft Ext (150lb)





Then, You need to change (in aircraft.xml) value "paxmax" to 0, "maxcargo" to 2064kg, which give 4550lbs, then "bow" value must be changed to 2949kg which is 6500lbs.





        <type>DHC-6 300</type>
        <displayname>DHC-6 300 Wheels\Tundra\Ski 75%/1650RPM</displayname>
        <!-- Set one if available, then set max value -->
        <!-- Weight of one passenger -->
        <!-- Set one if available, then set max value -->
        <!-- Bag weight -->
        <!-- Design weights -->
        <!-- Fuel burn values -->
        <!-- Cruize, descent & climb factors - for fine adjustments -->



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Thanks for adding the detail. I haven't had a reason (yet) to modify an .xml file, and therefore look much into the variables in need of adjustment. Good point too on changes needed in the aircraft.cfg file (for anyone unfamiliar with modifying the later, you can use Notepad rather than some other dedicated editor). By pointing out the other entries besides <cargopayloadmax> I'm sure you helped out others.

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