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Crash when clicking empty field in the fms

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Iam not entirely shure if this is just my pc or an actual bug but let me put it on here either way.

let me start of by explaining the situation.

1. i go into the fms and am on my way to select runway sid/star transition etc.
2. when i have selected my transition and by accident mis the button from far away and hit the button below it.
3. this field is empty
4. the  sim stops gives me the loading sign over the curser and exits


1.setting up a random dep/arr airport


2. selecting arr rwy this is where it goes wrong for me 


3. clicking lsk4r "by accident'' 

4. ***end of p3d*** notice the (reageert niet) not responding and it exits.

it is not bound to one singular flight or route happens every time i hit the wrong button.
just ended my STL to MSP flight sadly..

Mvg gerben lei



edited part:

i tried reinstalling seeing if it was on my end did not solve my issue

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