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TERRAIN feature - again!

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In this pic (taken from the Justplanes video PLUNA CRJ 900) the airplane is at 34 000 feet and the MFD is displaying TERRAIN. Notice that there is terrain indicated and the two numbers are shown:



How come terrain is being shown at this altitude ?  Is it simulatored like this in the AS model?

Does the aerosoft MFD also display those two numbers? I have not seen them yet.

Also, in the real plane there is a cyan pointer that sweeps from side to side as the terrain is scanned. Has this been implemented?

I'm a little confused as to how the terrain feature works. Has it been modelled to the real thing or?????

Can someone please enlighten us.



Trevor Selby

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They might have had the customer option for a Terrain Display function called Peaks Display Mode. This function allows crew to monitor the terrain even in cruise and when clear of any kind of terrain conflict. It will also show the minimum and maximum elevation in hundreds of feet. Quite possible the reference aircraft that was used for development did not have it.


This is still nothing like the terrain display function on something like the Dash-8 Q400 where you can see bodies of water etc. It kind of just shows black for sea level and green in different intensities for terrain if I remember correctly.

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