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CRJ Troubleshooting Tips.

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[Moderator Comment: this topic is as the title says for tips only. Support requests and other none related posts will be removed.]


Hello everybody and welcome to the CRJ 700-900 Series. Below I have listed some of the more frequent questions or "support" problems you may encounter when getting familiar with the AS/DA CRJ.




There is still a problem with the weight loading of the aircraft. Sometimes you get an yellow ICE message on the EICAS when there are no icing conditions. This signals that we have ice build up on the airframe and the drag will be increased by a lot. The aircraft may not be able the fly or climb with all this drag. Simple solution for this bug is to use DAVE and click SET PAYLOAD AND FUEL again. The ICE message will disappear and all is well again.







"I can not start or shut off the engines"


The red levers behind the thrustlevers are the locks that prevent the thrustlevers to go into and out of the FUEL SHUT OFF position. You have to click them first, to lift them up, and then you can move the levers with the mouse button







"The CRJ does not turn on the ground when I taxi"


This is most probably because the NSW switch is in the OFF position. Make sure to put it in the ARMED position.







"The reversers do not work after landing"


Make sure that the reverser switches are both in the ARMED position.







"The weather radar does not work"


Hans used his own interpretation of what it should look like. All devs do and I did not find one that looks vaguely correct. Even with heavy rain you may see almost nothing on the WXR. My advice would be to up the GAIN to 2 and maybe play around with the TILT a bit. 







"I do not see any TCAS symbols on my MAP display"


Make sure that TFC is selected and you see tickmarks in the lower range settings on the MAP. Now it should work. The symbols are blue, as IRL, and not white. 










FSX and P3D V3 have no problems here but P3D V4 does. There is no workaround yet. You need atleast N1 40% to keep her moving. Highly unrealistic but that is the way it is for now. The TFDi 717 has the same prob. Bigger engines like the GE90 on the T7 have less problems with this friction model.




"I can not get my Yoke to dissapear"


There is a clickspot for that but, and this is the big but that goes for all troubleshooting. The CRJ must first be loaded after you loaded a default plane into the sim (meaning you are in the VC). The default scenario may not be with a non default plane when starting the sim and just starting the sim into the scenario screen with a default plane also does not do the trick. You must load a default plane to where ever the flight will start. Not doing so can lead to Yoke problems and in LOWI to the occasional CTD for example.










"APPR mode doesn't work"


We call this green needles vs white needles IRL. When flying from A to B with the FMS we have an white needle to show that the FMS is the NAV source. When the needle is green VOR or LOC is the NAV source.  We also have yellow needles that show when the FO side is the NAV source or vice versa when sitting in the FO seat.












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