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Issue on Surface Pro 3

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Have just loaded software onto my Surface Pro 3, i7, 16Gb, 512Gb hard drive, Windows 10 Pro. After starting the program, v1.1.12, approx. 1-2 minutes in full screen mode the whole of that program screen display goes to approx. 1/3 of the size and all the text/graphics is suddenly very much smaller(!), to the point of being unreadable, even if I select full screen again. If I start the program and leave it on the initial page where you select classic etc it is quite happy!


The display resolution is set at 2160x1440 and all my other programs work finewith this setting. If I change it to a lower resolution all my icons etc become larger, not ideal!.


Can anyone offer suggestions/help/advice on this issue please, I have scrolled back through previous posts and can find nothing similar.


Kind regards





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Hi @All,


have the same problem since using Surface Pro 4.


Is there any solution?


Kind Regards


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