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A320/A321 Problem

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Hello, i have big problem, when i enter flight all buttons and lights work good, bet when i minimize and enter FSX again, all buttons are pressing but lights and animations doesn't work. I'm running W10

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1. Would you please provide the version of the Airbus X Extended you're using as well as your complete systems specs?


Also, just a few questions which will help us to narrow this down.


2. When did you purchase the aircraft?

3. How many flights have you made in the Airbus?

4. Has this problem happened to you before?

5.  Is the problem repeatable after you have closed FSX and reloaded FSX?

6.  Does this happen at the airport, or in the air?

7.  Are you using any payware airport scenery, or any large freeware scenery when this occurs?


Looking forward to hearing back from you!



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