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Unzip Error


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I purchased Mega Airport Prague today and have had no luck in being able to unzip it.  It keeps saying something about a file mismatch.


Extracting file: Z:\Flight Downloads\Airports\AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-PRAG_FSX-P3DV2-P3DV3-FSXSTEAM (1).zip
Extracting to "Z:\Flight Downloads\Airports\"
Use Path: yes   Overlay Files: no
Central and local directory mismatch for file "AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-PRAG_FSX-P3DV2-P3DV3-FSXSTEAM_V105.exe" (crc-32 - local: A37F1B4C hex  central: 77561EC7 hex).
Extracting Licence agreement Aerosoft DE.txt
Extracting Licence agreement Aerosoft EN.txt
Extracting Licence agreement Aerosoft FR.txt
Extracting Licence agreement Aerosoft SP.txt
Severe Error: Local and central CRC values don't match.


Order Number: 847746   


I tried downloading from the other two servers...but get the same message for any download i try to extract.


Help please.

winzip msg.png

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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