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my personal harcore nightmare


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Today I will start a new repaint. It is a special repaint, a very difficult repaint, but also one which I had promised for donating my PC.

( Yes , I have my donors promised to paint their Airlines first ... )

For this paint I will need some time, so I will show a picture from time to time.


I wonder if someone guesses what



and registry I paint? :)


If you have no desire on my riddle, then look how time-consuming a repaint can be. ;)


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  • Holgi pinned this topic

Nope...probably I can't express myself in the correct way...I mean they are all available...mainly on Avsim...don't know about here but I already have all of them :lol:

But let's return to the livery...my last try for today....

AirAsia Malaysia special "Expedia" livery? :rolleyes:

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9 hours ago, Nuno Pinto said:

Belly is white on the dove.


I meant the other Olympic Dove livery with the writing "Our moment to Shine in the aft fuselage that had yellow forward belly and fuse.... :lol:

9 hours ago, Holgi said:

Olympic Dove? Also a nice paint but she isn't it!

okay! ^_^

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