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Asking for help ? Points to consider .

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I recently tried helping a forum member who was having difficulties installing a livery .
This is a recurring " problem " when installing paints ( mainly ) for the A320 / 321 but it seems that people constantly " forget " to add the most basic information when requesting help from other members .It took until post # 13 to discover that the flight sim was installed in Program Files and that the operating system was Windows 10 . That on it's own shouldn't be a problem but for every single person who installs their flight sim in Program Files with no problems at all , there are 6 or 7 others who do have problems with this . UAC was considered to be a hinderance on previous versions of Windows and Windows 10 was / is no better .

If I go to a travel agents to book a holiday , I have to give them certain details in order to book it , just saying I want to go on holiday isn't enough as the travel agent expects me to tell them where I want to go , when and for how long . Asking for help in the forum is no different , without information , we ( the other members ) can only guess , or in most cases , not even react .

If asking for help , consider adding as much information as possible , it could be that someone else has been having the same problem and possibly a solution . The points below should cover most options .


1. ) Which version of flight sim ( FSX , FSX + Acceleration , FSX SE , P3D V1 , V2 , V3 ) .
2. ) Which operating system ( Vista , W7 , W8 , W10 ) .
3. ) Name of ( in this case ) livery , including a download link is even better .
4. ) What you have already tried doing and the result .
5. ) Anything that you may find relevant .


No-one can " force " anybody else to install the flight sim outside of Program Files but if the majority find that issues regarding " permissions " are avoided by doing so , then surely this is a " good " method .

Installing using " Run as Admin " , switching off anti-virus programs etc. , is advice that is repeated so often that it should be second nature to do so when installing any program that is flight sim related .
Another point is that when installed all .exe's ( in this case everything related to the flight sim ) can be made to permanently run as admin by right clicking on the .exe choose < Properties > then < Compatability > and finally < Run as Admin > .

Another frequent post is that after installing a livery it does not show up when selecting an aircraft .
First thing to check is that the box marked " Show all variations " is ticked ( found under the thumbnails ) - a common " oversight " .
Second , look in the aircraft folder if the livery has been installed .
Finally open the aircraft.cfg with Notepad and look for the [fltsim.XX] entry . Check that the number [XX] is consecutive from the previous entry ( missing numbers mean that anything following will not be seen in the sim and that there are no gaps larger than 1 line between entries ( this can happen when frequently adding and deleting liveries ) .

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