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R NAV Approach Question


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I have been reading manual over and over as well as searching these forums, but I am still not quite clear about R NAV approaches. 


When I select an R NAV, on a non ILS runway, in the MCDU, I get the appropriate symbol on MFD.  But, I don't receive any lateral and vertical deviation bars like an ILS on the PFD.  Do you know why I am not seeing them?  If so, what could be my configuration/flight deck switch configuration that would be causing this error.  


As a note, I can shoot ILS approaches successfully with all of correct symbol on both the PFD and MFD.  

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There are not a lot of Airbuses that have this function enabled. In the AS Airbus it is not enabled. You can fly an RNAV perfectly without these deviation bars. Just check the manuals that came with the product on how to fly one.


Happy landings

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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