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Stupid question on weight

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When doing the payload calculations in PFPX I notice there's a field for both baggage and cargo. When I'm entering a cargo weight into the right MCDU, should I add these 2 figures together? I'm guessing "baggage" refers to carry-on luggage, whereas "cargo" is anything placed in the hold. So I'm assuming that the baggage weight is taken into consideration when I add the number of passengers to the right MCDU, therefore I shouldn't add the 2 figures together.


While we're on the subject, in PFPX the passenger section of the payload area is split into "adults", "children" and "infants". Am I right in assuming that the passenger number to enter into the right MCDU is "adults+children" and assume that any infants aren't regarded as heavy enough to be included, or should I add all 3 together?

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No, your question is not "stupid" at all.


The CARGO is the sum of the bagage in the hold + the freight that you could eventually carry. The carry-on luggage is included in the PAX weight. The baggage figure given by PFPX is the number of PAX x the weight of average baggage allowed by the operator (usually between 13 to 15 Kg).


Depending of your FMS, you can enter a number of PAX and the FMS would give you the total weight and then you enter the CARGO on the following line. If the weight of PAX is not standard, you enter directly the weight of the PAX and then the CARGO or you enter directly on the CARGO line the total PAX+CARGO which is known as TRAFFIC LOAD. Also you can enter directly the ZFW. This depends of the operator procedure. See enclosed UNS1 FMS, yours is probably different.


As PAX weight is different if you carry adults and children you have to enter the total weight of PAX instead of the total number. In some companies you have also a different weight between men and women and in some other you weight every individual PAX (on small passenger planes). If you do a charter flight with a Rugby team you have also to adjust the weights.


Regarding weight and balance you do not include infants (less than two years old) but for the total on board (POB) you consider thet total of PAX (adults+children+infants) and also all the crew.


I hope it is a bit clearer now.






UNS1 FMS.jpg

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then in Canada we have winter and summer weights ....


Summer   Winter
200 lbs or 90.7 kg MALES 12yrs up 206 lbs or 93.4 kg
165 lbs or 74.8 kg FEMALES 12yrs up 171 lbs or 77.5 kg
75 lbs or 34 kg CHILDREN 2-11yrs 75 lbs or 34kg
30 lbs or 13.6 kg *INFANTS 0 to less than 2yrs 30 lbs or 13.6 kg
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