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I did a review on this thing!

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heeeello everybody!

I know I'm a bit late to the party but I did a review on the twotter! Needless to say I absolutely adore this bird...enjoy!

note: might not be HD by the time of posting is being not nice today

constructive criticism is of course welcome! B)

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Thank you for the video and agree that this is one of the best addons you can get for Flight-Sim.

In relation to the GTN, there is a mod to have it functional in some way in the Otter, thanks to Bert Pieke. Does involve messing with the panel config, so YMMV.

Its also covered in this thread :




Hope this helps in some way with the GTN Install, all credit though to Bert :-)






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Good job, and the support here with Fin is real good and   halve the battle when buying a product . I only use this  Otter, A2A,, and Real air, and fly only FS-economy with all Orbz products like yourselve  Yes the brake away power and throttle sensitivity is frustrating but it's not there  fault and its a microsoft issue and unless they build it away from FSX like the Majestic Q400 were stuck with it . There are some that have put the GTN 750 in the panel but i don't know how and use the pop up. We have a real world pilot here (Capt Crash )who pops his head in here every so often and gives his input  witch realy helps  us -he gave me the real world power settings and i'm still practicing to get them right --again nice job -i  didn't know about the livery manager.  

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