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  1. Well here's what I found so you know in case it happens to some one out there . Setting the throttles with a turbo prop I find very hard , they are very sensitive and hard to sync . so what I do with turbo props is in FSUIPC I go to Hot Keys and there you see a box you can insert the @ key to sync the props, well I didn't use that key to sync and when I engaged the auto pilot it was fine ,so it's syncing the props with the @ key seems to cause the throttles to go right nuts . I searched and searched why the throttles on these turbo pops are so sensitive and hard to set and all I could fine it that its a FSX issue and not the fault of the developers .So thanks for the help . Louis
  2. Umm ok , could be I might have to delete the PFC .INI file and let it rebuild. I think your right about the PFC driver Mark .Now that I reinstalled this bird on a new system is there any changes that you made that I should be putting in Mark ? I know a while back you had made some -----Louis - Alberta Canada
  3. I disconnected the Go flight auto pilot and just clicked the auto pilot 'on' with my mouse and it still does it , darn, something is conflicting between the auto pilot and the throttles some how . Thought you would of came to Vegas at the conference but you never came they told me ----Louis
  4. I built a news system using FSX and Windows 10 and this bird is one of my favourites but for some unknown reason and out of options , when I'm airborne and engage the auto pilot the throttles go bezerk and I have to shove them up and down a few times to get them tamed down , this is the only plane that does this and I have no idea . The setting of the throttles was never really the best and always real jerky. I run Precision flight Controls for a yoke and throttle quadrant and can't get then right so I unticked the quadrant tool for PFControl and tried with FSUIPC and its not the best and the Prop levers, I just can't get either, one is smooth and the other is very erratic . Any ideas ? cause I might just have to scape this bird. But the Auto pilot making the throttles jump around on engaging is a mystery --- Thanks Louis
  5. Any one know if its possible to set the throttles so they are not so sensitive with Turbo engines like the extended twin otter ?you barely touch them and they move too much ,very hard to set .It's just with the Turbo engines the rest is fine . Im using Precision Flight Controls and setting them with FSUIPC
  6. Don't know if any thing else is gonna be done to this bird Nathan .About a year ago i read that" the developers have families to feed" and they were not gonna spend any more time on this one like putting the GTN 750 but i do agree with you that this is a real good model they did on this one,but we are lucky to have this guy named Mark who pokes his head in here a lot to tell us and help us fl;y this bird
  7. I put it the way he said but still hunts way too much . I'm all about flying by the numbers but i put all the original setting back in cause i had it all backed up and just gonna fly it that way.
  8. FSX is what i'm using and so is my friend and runs FSX also -- but re reading the 1st post he says to move them very very slowly so i'm gonna give that a whirl .
  9. Umm nothing here on my problem , in fact 2 of us put the new files in and when we go to bring back the props to let's say 80% they oscillate back and forth real bad and unusable.-I'm running precision flight controls for throttles and tried setting them with FSUIPC but no luck at all -looks like i'm gonna have to go back to original .
  10. Good we have a coach how to fly this bird - i really like this Extended twin but never flown it for real so how are we to know . The Cessna 210 i did and i really knew about engine management flying it for real so i bought the Carenado version and flying by the numbers, it was not even close that was the end of that . I kinda thought they would support you here for the changes cause they are pretty good for their service when we have problems, cause all said and done this is a real fine model and i have no complaints -
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