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  1. Thank you Peter for your time and response. I would like to define all three layers, as they are depicted, into a single addon.xml for the airport. Having read your documentation and watching the livestream guide, do we simply add a scenery category to the xml file, until all three are included, or is the current separate three xml files the only solution? Thank you
  2. Greetings Peter and Team Trust all is well. Thank you for the work done on the software. Seeking advice on how to deal with scenery that has multiple scenery layers e.g. Terrain, Layerup and main scenery. My example is Taxi2Gate Paris CDG (LFPG) and install on P3Dv5. After using Simmarket installer, the main scenery files are ordered as: LFPG-Layerup LFPG LFPG-Terrain SimstarterNG P3D detected the addon as three separate xml addons i.e. as per the order above. Is there any way I could have these setup in the same order within a single xml file? My intent is to have all the scenery addons in xml format to allow me to backup the required files to minimise P3D reinstall routines if my system goes down. Appreciate any advice you may have Thank you and kind regards to the Team
  3. Starting out with this amazing addon. Thank you Aerosoft and all you amazing repainters for sharing your textures
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