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  1. Howdy, Can someone create a Jordan Aviation A320 livery please? Much appreciated. https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/5/85662_1579268410.jpg
  2. Alright thanks for your help, i'll look into buying a subscription since its really my only solution, sorry to bother you about this.
  3. This is what I got, this means Airac 1511 correct?
  4. Thanks for the reply, sorry about the screenshots I'll try using the last solution, choose a navdatabase in Simbrief one, how will I be able to figure out the one that the Bus is currently using? Hope you don't mind me asking.
  5. Anything guys? I really want to properly do flightplans instead of just constantly loading them up, i'd really appreciate any help given.
  6. Hey Aerosoft community, i'm new to the forums and pretty much advanced aircrafts in general as a replacement to the default aircrafts FSX comes with, please understand that i'm new when it comes to a lot of stuff, will appreciate it if you bare with me if I screw something up. So i'm having a little problem i'm aware was asked many times around the forums, did some research about it but couldn't find a proper solution. The problem is implementing a waypoint, or airway, to my flightplan, to keep things easy im using a route from Queen Alia International Airport (OJAI) to King Hussein International Airport (OJAQ), a short flight, about 20-30 minutes long. So, I implement the codes in the INIT page, then head to the flight plan page. Heres where the problem happens, I generate all of my routes using SimBrief, and normally i'd just download it and import it in the MCDU because of this problem, when manually adding a waypoint/airway, it constantly flashes "AWT/WPT Mismatch", not sure of the cause, people get like Navigraph and other programs involved, but I am unable to purchase anything at the moment, will appreciate any help, heres some info/screenshots to help with my current problem hopefully: ROUTE: DCT QTR01 M319 LOXUS LOXU1H Sim: FSX - SE No external programs like Navigraph are involved (I'm not really sure what Navigraph does so apologies.) Purchased the Aerosoft Airbus from Flight1 due to Aerosoft unable to accept the card for whatever reason Most routes are generated using SimBrief 2020-4-6_14-57-15-8.BMP 2020-4-6_15-0-47-927.BMP 2020-4-6_15-1-10-280.BMP
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