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  1. I have the EXACT same thing happening. Is anyone able to help with this? It is at Terminal 3 Gates 332 and 334
  2. I am personally interested in ALL of the AAL liveries. I worked for AWA, USAIR and now I work for AAL.
  3. Just had the same things happen to me taking of from LHBP. This was only using a FLEX of 52 for the A320 IAE. I had to advance throttles to the TOGA detent to get enough power for TO. The RWYS at LHBP are more than long enough and my aircraft was more than light enough for a derated TO.
  4. There are 3 separate links for United A319 IAE variants in the livery section.
  5. Is anyone planning on the A319 in American Airlines colors using IAE engines? Once upon a time John Glanville had several posted but it seems those files are gone. The AAL A319 heritage liveries would be a welcome edition as well. Thanks in advance!!
  6. It has been a while since i've seen it mentioned. Is anyone currently working on or will anyone please repaint the AA/US Airways Heritage Liveries for the A319?? To be sure a few have been done already. Completed repaints that are available are. Carolina "Panthers" Arizona "Arizona Flag" America West (old livery with US AIRWAYS logo) Ones that I would really love to see are... Arizona "Cardinals" 1st choice!!!!! Nevada " Battle Born" America West (New livery with US or AA logo) PSA Allegheny Piedmont Philly "Eagles" If anyone would like to tackle these, I would appreciate it.
  7. AY!!! be nice! i work for AWA err US Airways err American. The A321s are mostly new. To be accurate you should bag on the US Airways A320s. THOSE ARE NASTY!!
  8. Looks great man keep em coming!!!!!!!! Yes the nose lines need to be more straight out but for V1 it's awesome man.
  9. hows the CFM coming? any plans for the heritage liveries?
  10. where did this repaint go?? (SN BRUSSELS)
  11. The blue in the front needs to come a bit closer to the red stripe just behind the nose. Other than that its spot on that i can see. http://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/74406/n746uw-us-airways-airbus-a319/ this picture shows what im talking about. And im not trying to be overly critical but that stood out in my mind working with these aircraft all day every day. Then again im freaking tired and have not yet slept.
  12. Will you by chance also do a CFM engine repaint?
  13. someone posted the US Airways N717UW "Carolina Panthers" repaint http://www.cedesigns.com.mx/descargas/ They didnt post in here
  14. *bites the bullet and risks getting smacked* Don't think anyone is doing the aforementioned US Airways repaints CFM and IAE
  15. I think DET CORD said he would be doing that one soon.
  16. YAY!!!!! keep voting for US Airways / New American Heritage!!!!! I so do enjoy all the repaints that have been posted so far however, I have downloaded each and every one of them. Keep up all your OUTSTANDING and Hard work fellas!!!
  17. I agree and i work for them !!!!!
  18. I would love to see repaints of Iberia as well as US Airways (regular livery as well as the heritage liveries) the America West A319 heritage livery has been recently changed to remove the "US AIRWAYS" text with the New American Logo and Font. Thank you in advance.
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