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  1. CumulusX! runs fine on my installation, which is FS RTM + Acceleration on Windows Vista 64 Bit. Maybe their is a VC Runtime missing? Did you use the 1.0 version of CumulusX!? What OS do you use?
  2. in_04


    Hi, sorry I think I make a wrong suggestion, I mean the "SURFACE TYPE" for Aircraft on ground. I guess you use the "2 = Water" to get the water position. I suggest too use the other values like "11 = Forest" too get the place where thermals are rare. And place where thermals are more likely. Don`t know if this will work. You know add the "SURFACE TYPE" with "SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition" and you should get the informations. Like said before I guess you already use this for getting the water information. Sorry for my misleading post before. Bye Markus
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    Hi Peter, could you use the probing approach to get landclass infos too? This could be the way to set thermals more to the places where thermals more likely. The FSX default thermals are used the landclass informations too. Bye Markus
  4. Hi Ian, here is the file. It is a Exception 3. ..in process_profile() (all profiles valid).. ..entering ridge_lift().. agl_factor = ,1.000, Factors ,-0.000,0.001,0.000,0.000, ..leaving ridge_lift(). . ,[Lift = ,0.0,] (Wind: 1 m/s @ 347) Probes: ,1440,1440,1432,1429,1440 ..leaving process_profile().. [REQUEST_USER_POS_AND_PROFILE] ..entering get_profile().. ..entering get_user_pos().. ..leaving get_user_pos(). . ..leaving get_profile().. ***** EXCEPTION=3 SendID=1598 Index=2 cbData=24 [REQUEST_USER_POS] [REQUEST_PROBE_POS1] ***** EXCEPTION=3 SendID=1603 Index=3 cbData=24 [REQUEST_PROBE_POS3] [REQUEST_PROBE_POS4] [REQUEST_USER_POS_AND_PROFILE] ..entering get_profile().. ..entering get_user_pos().. ..leaving get_user_pos(). . ..leaving get_profile().. Hope this helps. Thanks for the debug version. Bye Markus New_Text_Document__2_.txt
  5. Hi, made some test with weather themes, weather download within FSX and ASX again and got stop respondings on SimProbe in all tests. If possible a restart routine would be great. Didnt know if the stop responding is a SimConnect problem. I normaly use TrackIR 4 and this use SimConnect too. I found no pattern for the test without ASX when the stop responding occure. In one flight it occure just after takeoff, than SimProbe runs for an hour and stop responding just at the time i got on final. Maybe its a Vista 64 Bit problem? Bye Markus
  6. Hi Ian, I use the debug version and it stop the update in the debug window too, so I guess SimProbe lost connection too SimConnect or SimConnect didnt respond too the request send by SimProbe. CumulusX shows SimProbe present=false and the Lift value remains at the last value. But I found out the problem occure more if I use Active Sky X. If I didnt use this real weather program SimProbe runs longer. I guess the problem come from ASX, beacause sometimes ASX let disapear the default thermals and clouds for a few seconds. I guess that in this time ASX makes a "restart" of the FSX weather engine or SimConnect. I will make a test using only FSX weather theme today and repost here. Thanks again for this great program.
  7. Hi all, first thanks for your great work. Both programs are really a must have for flying gliders. But I have a problem with SimProbe. After sometime it stop working, if I close it, reload it again and open a dialog in FSX it worked again for some time (10-15 minutes) and then it stops again. Maybe the problem is related to the parallel use of Active Sky X (ASX) a "real" weather addon program, or related to Vista 64 Bit. It wouldnt be a big problem if SimProbe would restart automatic, but I must close the program, start it and switch too a dialog in FSX to reactivate it. Hope that SimProbe would be integrated in CumulusX or similar. Maybe CumulusX could send a restart after detecting that SimProbe isnt active? Again thanks for your work. Maybe I could help a little by your programing. Im a C/C++ programmer with several years of making programs. I also make some small tools for FSX and FS9, like GA-Traffic, AI-Contrails and FSK2004 Metar. Bye Markus
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    Hi Peter, downloaded the 0.911 and tested it with Windows Vista 64 Bit without problems. The previous public version 0.81 didnt even start on Vista 64 Bit. Thanks for youre work. Bye Markus
  9. Thanks for the answer. Yes that the objects I mean. I guess there is anothe copy sold Bye Markus PS: The PDF for download would be still a good idea.
  10. Hi, is there a place where I can get the PDF file, to see before I buy which glider fields are added? Esp. I whant to know if Aßlar is include too. Also if the Dünsberg tower is added and other landmarks I familar with. I think 35 € is too much to buy without to know what you get. Only the numbers of added fields isn't enough for me. Bye Markus
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