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  1. HJMX

    Add-On XML Structure Messed Up

    Hallo Pero, z.Z. habe ich den Simtarter entfernt. Es war letztlich nicht so schwer die add-on.xml addons händisch wieder zu aktivieren. Ich musste nur die "Active=" Einträge in add-ons.cfg von "false" wieder auf "true" setzten. Dann war alles wieder okay. Das wäre ja eigentlich die Aufgabe des des Simstarters gewesen - Spätestens bei der Deinstallation. Das Problem war ähnlich wie in dem Topic weiter unten "Auffälligkeiten ..." - Nur anders herum. SimStarter hat zwar meine add-on.xml addons deaktiviert, wenn ich aber wieder zurück auf "Default" wollte - ein entsprechendes Profil lege ich immer an - hat das nicht funktioniert. Die addons blieben deaktiviert, egal was ich probierte. Ich melde mich wenn ich SimStarter wieder mal installiere. Gruß, Harry
  2. SimStarterNG latest version has completely messed up my add-on xml structure. After a long pause I wanted to give this program another try. WHAT A MISTAKE. I've installed it in admin mode and always run it as admin. Only sim is P3Dv4. I've created some profiles where I only used different scenery sets. So far so good. Then I also created two add-on xml config sets. One (=Default) where all my add-on xml scenery was active. Another (=MINIMUM) where most typical scenery were deactivated (FSDT, FlightBeam, Aerosoft, etc) I did not touch aircraft (A2A), AI addons (UTL) add-other non-scenery titles. Then I run a profile which disabled scenery according to my MINIMUM add-on.xml config set. Okay! BUT, I COULD NEVER GO BACK! When I assign my DEFAULT addon.xml config set (Where all titles are active) to a profile and I run this profile it does not bring back any add-on.xml titles. Thinking that Uninstalling SimStarterNG would bring back my original set-up. NO CHANCE! Does this program not create backups? I am deeply disappointed and I cannot express with allowed wording how I regret my decision to give this program another try. Harry J. Martin.
  3. HJMX

    Impossible d'ouvrir SIMstarter

    I also tried an earlier version which I had. No success. Same picture as above. Changing the .ini as suggested in another recent topic did not help either. PLEASE, provide a working install file! Harry
  4. HJMX

    Impossible d'ouvrir SIMstarter

    I have exactly the same problem. The simstarter window which appeared after install is not complete .. cannot choose anything. Why is it version 1.6.4 fresh download from Simmarket? Shouldn't i be v 1.6.9 ? Harry
  5. I am sure (at least I hope) that AS/SimWings will correct these flaws very soon in an update. On the other side, Navaid incorrectness should not happen in a "professional" product. Harry
  6. HJMX

    Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    I have already updated. And you are absolutely right, after all, PALH is the world largest seaplane base. Would be really nice to see some traffic there. Harry
  7. HJMX

    Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    AFAIK, UTL does not contain any seaplane traffic. You need some sp ai models, like they are provided by FSADDON (Tongass Fjords or Vancouver) then you have to create your own traffic.bgl files with appropriate tools. I suggest AIFP (freeware). Edit: Problem with PALH is, that if it is not well designed for ai (as in legacy version), you have to re-design this too. I am really hoping that sim-wing has done this with the new version. But I have not yet tested. Harry
  8. HJMX

    Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    Is Lake Hood ready for ai seaplane traffic? Or better I ask, has the afcad of the seaplane base been re-designed so that I can see water landings water takeoffs and more important, do ai planes find a correct way to water gates? Harry
  9. Is this planned in near future. I am asking because I think about to purchase T2Gs EDDM but I'm hesitating because I would prefer the AS version (loved the old one). Harry
  10. HJMX

    Aerosoft Update Policy

    Thank you! I really don't know how I could oversee ... Harry
  11. HJMX

    Aerosoft Update Policy

    I could not find any zip file. Where should it be? Harry
  12. Now with P3Dv4, when scenery titles getting larger and larger I cannot understand why Aerosoft does not provide incremental updates. Is it really necessary for updating EGLL Pro from 1.00 to 1.01 to download the full installer (5.7 GB)? There should be a better way to do this, or did I miss something? Harry
  13. HJMX

    Zurich Proffesional

    Are there any suggestions or developments regarding the landclass issues caused by LSZH pro + GES (ORBX)? Harry
  14. HJMX

    Austria Professional HD for P3D v4?

    maybe these are stupid questions ... Is atp hd pro now compatible with p3dv4 or not, when I have ORBX (FTX Central v3) installed. How do I use the above mentioned autogen configuration merger? Do I really need it? Harry
  15. HJMX

    How to get 1.5?

    ... and simarket states that they were waiting/don't yet have the updated version. Harry