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  1. I would like to thank Stephen and Tom for their help. Everything seems to be squared away now. Thank you Michael Cubine
  2. Items mentioned in post #1 show 1801. However, it still did not verify the routes. How do I fill out the route editor to do this. I never looked at it all the blank boxes in the past. I just answered yes and went from there. Thank you Michael Cubine
  3. Still 1713. Also renaming to NavData1 and creating new NavData folder which was empty did not matter either.
  4. What about UserData.nav which is in the NavData folder? Thank you, Michael Cubine
  5. Stephen After I deleted the above file and folder I ran the installation you mentioned above. It made no difference. Still 1713. Tom Still waiting to hear from you. Thank you Michael Cubine
  6. Stephen I will try your path when this issue is squared away or with next months cycle. Thanks Michael Cubine
  7. Tom Attached are files and folders you requested. I put the PFPX Folder in the post for laughs. cycle-info.txt
  8. Tom Unfortunately that path does not work. Since October 2013 I have used C:\User\Public\Documents without a problem.
  9. Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 1801 is in PFPX Data but the first page of PFPX shows 1713, PFPX-Configuration shows 1713 and the routes were not verified the first time I ran PFPX. Any ideas? Thank you Nichael Cubine
  10. Sorry. Total confusion my part. I thought I was quoting the OP.
  11. In the fuel section of the OFP, lines 3, 4, and 5 are the reserves for this flight.
  12. Believe it or not, I don't have a cell phone. My wife has a cell phone I will use hers or my second computer for a stopwatch. That is interesting that the bias and drag change with different cost indexes. Thanks very much for the information on your procedure. I am certain that I will have some questions once I have started using your procedure. Thank you Michael Cubine
  13. I am using this PFPX feature for PMDG 744 and 777 Variants. The problem is the results are all over the place. On one flight the bias was from 96.0% to 104.3%. To get the raw data for the calculator I am using the aircraft's instruments and FMC positioned in such a way the I can take one screenshot and have all the data necessary. This only gives me the data for an instant in time. I do this for each flight level of flight. The flight I am doing now is RKSI-KORD and the screenshots will be taken at FL330, FL350, FL370, and FL390. I am using real time weather from AS16 and right now I have a tailwind of 259/164.THe component is a 139 knots. Maybe I should not use any weather. Any ideas as to what the problem is?
  14. Stephen Thanks for the information. Michael P Cubine
  15. When a new livery is added to an aircraft that already has a fuel bias and drag figure, does the calculator need to be run again? As an example I have a fuel bias and drag figure for the PMDG 744F with RR engines and Cargolux livery. If a different livery is added to the aforementioned aircraft does it need a new bias and drag? Thank you Michael Cubine
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