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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. I have noticed that if I have the wing and engine anti-ice on while flying in air that cold (-50+), I can usually keep the fuel temp in the closer to -20 or -10. I very much doubt any real world applicability here, but I can understand the logic, somewhat. As the leading edge of the wing and fuel/oil interchange in the engine is warmed, some of the heat starts to transfer.
  2. Shaun, I sent you an email about the most recent one you sent. When I opened it, all I saw was a huge chunk of code that must've been the checkfile. Maybe try my other email? lcacciatore@earthlink.net , that email is from my ISP and not a free one. Maybe it will work better. Anthony
  3. Hi, I requested a checkfile for the Seahawk & Boxer and I revieced one email asking me to provide another address as the orginal one (gmail) does not support the file transfer for some reason or another. I have sent two other emails and haven't heard a word since. Not sure what time zone you might be in (most logical reason for the delay) but since my reply to the email request it has been about 12 hours. Just wanted to see what was going on with the checkfile. Anthony Cacciatore
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