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  1. Okay scratch the above. I hit another disconnect and did more hunting. Turns out that the Honeycomb yoke software was still sending button inputs somehow despite: Disabling the yoke button/axis inputs in P3D Closing the yoke software Somehow the yoke was still applying the control inputs assigned to the last used profile, even though it was not apparent through the P3D menu showed no controls assigned to the yoke. I fixed the problem by creating a new Honeycomb profile, within the Honeycomb software, with all buttons disabled.
  2. I think I may have found the cause, albeit not something I had initially suspected. I programmed the physical switches on the Honeycomb yoke using the customized key press control within FSUIPC. I think it works by causing a mouse click when you engage the physical button. The below photo shows how I have the Honeycomb beacon switch programmed to turn on the CRJ beacon. I would normally shut off the logo and recognition lights when passing FL180. The autopilot would then kick off a few thousand feet later as described above. If I do not touch the switches I programmed w
  3. Just did that -- no difference unfortunately. Nothing is assigned in the P3D menu or FSUIPC. I agree, no cautionary messages and resetting those systems makes no difference. If I could just find a way to reset the autopilot then I wouldn't mind turning it back on after a disconnect--but it refuses to come back on. Here's a shot if it occurring near TOC after a reinstallation. And later in the same flight, after hand flying cruise and decent, I was now able to turn the autopilot back on.
  4. That's irrelevant when I am commanding the autopilot to climb at a set speed and on a certain heading. I can assure you happens the same when I have a flight plan fully loaded into the FMC.
  5. Here is an example screenshot from a test flight, the autopilot turned itself off right around FL180. I cannot re-engage the autopilot no matter how many times I click AP ENG.
  6. I have tried both changing the yoke sensitivity settings in the EFB and recycling the AP Disc bar several times. Neither allows me to re-engage the autopilot. I have also attempted to clear any failure in the P3D menu that somehow may have been accidentally triggered (though not turned on). I do appreciate you trying to help.
  7. Is there a way to reconnect the autopilot? I have tried each sensitivity setting and the autopilot automatically disconnects at the top of climb. Pressing the autopilot button does nothing after the disconnect. This happens regardless of whether I run the yoke input through FSUIPC or Prepar3d's controls. I am using a Honeycomb yoke and CRJ Pro version If there is not a way to reconnect the autopilot after the yoke sensitivity disconnect, is there a way I can turn off the yoke sensitivity disconnect itself? Maybe changing something in a config or lua file? I would ra
  8. I have noticed that if I have the wing and engine anti-ice on while flying in air that cold (-50+), I can usually keep the fuel temp in the closer to -20 or -10. I very much doubt any real world applicability here, but I can understand the logic, somewhat. As the leading edge of the wing and fuel/oil interchange in the engine is warmed, some of the heat starts to transfer.
  9. Shaun, I sent you an email about the most recent one you sent. When I opened it, all I saw was a huge chunk of code that must've been the checkfile. Maybe try my other email? lcacciatore@earthlink.net , that email is from my ISP and not a free one. Maybe it will work better. Anthony
  10. Hi, I requested a checkfile for the Seahawk & Boxer and I revieced one email asking me to provide another address as the orginal one (gmail) does not support the file transfer for some reason or another. I have sent two other emails and haven't heard a word since. Not sure what time zone you might be in (most logical reason for the delay) but since my reply to the email request it has been about 12 hours. Just wanted to see what was going on with the checkfile. Anthony Cacciatore
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