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  1. Hi As I do not own the crj pro package and still have the original release, are there plans to make this compatable with p3dv5 or is it already compatable I have not decided weather I want to upgrade so any info would be helpful thanks
  2. Hi, I know this is my fault but I'm not sure i'm understanding how to implement sode jetways in EDDF. I'm running P3dv5 with the latest updates from Orbx and the 2.000 for EDDF however i'm not sure what i'm doing after that. I've unzipped the sode file fine. but after that I'm doing something wrong. The readme says 1.) Copy the Subfolder SODE below the "Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional" (P3D V4) or "Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional V5" (P3D V5) Folder of the Scenery Addon. Does this mean the scenery library of P3D? Or does it mean copy the folder into the
  3. Hi, I've suddenly started to have a problem with my loading of p3d that I think may be simstarter ng related. I've recently been playing around with simstarter ng. Creating scenery loads ONLY to be speed up the overall load time of the sim. I changed the aircraft type and what scenery to load and then started the sim and all seemed fine, but now every time I start p3d it automatically starts up with the aircraft I chose weather I've used simstarter ng or not. I did not save any scenarios and when I start simstarter ng as far as I can tell it loads into the default menu with noth
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