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  1. Many thanks, Is there any way to verify I have 2.2 installed in msfs? I ask because all the way through the install process it says i'm installing v2.1. Also is the issue with the afc bridge still on going? that requires it to be started externally before flight as msfs still thinks it is not installed? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, While looking for a concorde profile for msfs i noticed that there appears to be an update for the honeycomb configurator(2.2) I have downloaded the ones for p3dv5 and msfs but when i unzip the files the msfs one still says its 2.1 and the p3dv5 gives me 2.1 and 2.2 Has the msfs software been updated? and any reason why the p3dv5 software has both 2.1 and 2.2 Thanks
  3. Hi, Well i think i've got it fixed. I deleted the configurator and started from scratch and created a couple of test copies of the yoke and throttle. This time it all worked perfectly, although ive not added any new bindings yet all the default keys and led's look to have copied over. I can only assume i had a corrupt install of the configurator. But this time it all seems good Thank for the help
  4. Ok, interesting, I made copies of the default throttle and yoke and using the honeycomb configurator activated them then started p3d. Nothing worked. Ive just tried again but using the original default profiles and this time it worked. Is it possible then that if you make a copy of a profile it does not always save the various bindings. Scratching my head here all strange
  5. Ive loaded the default profiles for the yoke and throttle andim trying it on the default p3d mooney
  6. Yes i have yoke, throttle and reload all bindings 5 in total However when i select show bindings for throttle or yoke i get nothing And ive tried a few of the buttons but getting no actions eg flaps up or down gear up or down
  7. Ok thanks, It looks like i have a problem then as i don't get the green bar at any time.So it looks like the honeycomb configurator is not linking to P3d Should i have any entries in the addons.cfg for honeycomb? Anything else i can check? Thanks
  8. Yes that answers my question thanks However,I cannot seem to get even the default profile to work in p3dv5. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. Does p3d need to be running when i activate the profile ? When i start p3d my throttle quadrant shows up in the choice of controllers but none of the default profile buttons or lights work. So it looks like the profile has not changed any of the button settings in p3d I've been trying on default p3d aircraft, so any lvar's should not be causing the issues. Hope you can advise Many thanks
  9. Many thanks If after activating the profile and starting p3d I save that profile config in p3d that profile should be saved within p3d Therefore if I have several honeycomb profiles saved in the honeycomb configurator and those are transfered to p3d, saved as individual profiles in p3d does that cause any conflicts swapping between them in the flight sim?
  10. Hi, I'm just starting to use my honeycomb throttle and yoke and I was wondering if i have to run the configurator before starting P3d every time, or if you have a profile downloaded or created in the configurator once you have sent it over to P3d I can save it as a config in p3d and therefore do not need to run the honeycomb configurator before starting P3d Thanks
  11. Hi Guys' I hope I can explain this properly I'm using MSFS I've changed the switches more to my liking on the bravo throttle quadrant but the led's now either do not work or show the wrong LED for example i've changed one of my switches so that my park brake is easier to flick on and off but the LED for anti ice comes on when i do this. How do I change the switch LED combo so that when I turn park brake on the park brake LED also illuminates and not the anti ice LED Thanks
  12. hi, I found a sort of solution on avsim forums and it DOES work for me at least.I've not fully tested everything but I do now get lights. when I run the sim Hopefully your guys can figure it out and create a fix. ok so here is what they said and what I did In the afc bin folder that is in your community folder copy and put the afc bridge exe file as a desktop short cut. make sure you give it admin rights. Start msfs in admin mode although I don't think this is neccessary. when you have created your flight and are ready to hit fly, run the afc bridge exe from your desktop then hit fly. Once your flight is loaded you should have your lights back. It has worked twice for me but its by no means an ideal solution hopefulyy with this info Ben can figure out why and offer a fix cheers
  13. Hi , Add me to the list I have carried out what you requested. All lights work with the test program When i created my install I used a custom location for the msfs install so my community folder is E:\Flightsim drive\MSFS2020\community\AFC Bridge\Bin And have the same 2 files as baxterbj in that folder MSFS still shows AFC_Bridge as not installed All My other addons that are in the community folder work perfectly so MSFS sees the folder fine Thanks
  14. Hi, been away from the sims for a short while but i just discovered an issue with my bravo throttle quadrant regarding the lights on the quadrant which had been working and still do on my p3d installs. however in msfs they have stopped working . I noticed that in my contents folder the afc bridge shows as not installed but is in my community folder. i have uninstalled the afc bridge folder redownloaded and reinstalled the latest msfs fix for the lights from the aerosoft site to no avail. from what i have read this may be the reason i cannot get the lights to work but no matter what i try in msfs i cannot get it to recognise the afc bridge as being installed. I remember there being an issue with 3rd party programs showing as not installed but were actually working. I had this but with the various sim updates since this looks like it was fixed except for the afc bridge in my case any ideas? thanks
  15. Thanks Mathijs, I have done as you suggested, hopefully your guys can help with UPS as UPS have been useless. Thanks
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