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  1. Well, I use the latest Version MSFS 2020 with latest updates.
  2. Well, I tried to find this item, looked thruogh the list in forum up and down, no answer. Can you please tell me the title of the answer for my question? With best regards, Wolfgang
  3. Engine stops at start, Cessna 172 Flight from Stuttgart to Schwäbisch Hall, everything ok. On the next flight from Schwäbisch Hall, new destination entered via "Menu / World Map", ready to fly on the runway, take-off clearance by the tower, full throttle - and suddenly the engine stops allready before take-off --> why? The same thing happens at another restart: Just after take-off --> another engine stop, the plane could make an emergency landing at the end of the runway. What is the reason? Would I have had to refuel before take-off?
  4. ICAO markings: I know from FSX that I could give each aircraft its own ICAO-identification, for example D-EFDR, which was displayed again when restarting FSX for the respective aircraft. With FS 2020 I miss this possibility. How can I set that my aircraft gets the assigned license plate again when restarting and that for each aircraft.
  5. I will be patient. 😆😌🤓
  6. Thanks, mopperle, I didn´t know this procedere, and will do so. Hope, it matters.
  7. I have a special request: In my immediate region, the Flightsimulator contains a whole series of smaller landing fields of befriendet aviation sport clubs. Only our field is not included, but it is listed in BingMaps and can be flown to in the simulator. The size of our palace is comparable to the others. In the Simulation the terrain structure and the location of the hangar are displayed wrong and make approaching more difficult. Data of the airfield: 49° 20`59.09" N 09° 24`06.51 O height 333 m Is there any way to integrate the glider airfield into the game by
  8. Is it possible to mark a special landing point, e.g. our small airfield in the world map, so that I can find it again and fly to it? I have already landed there today, but I do not know how to firmly mark this point on the world map.
  9. I have a question about aircraft identification. I know from FS X that you could give each aircraft its own identification, e.g. for a Cessna 172 D-ERGL. When I enter such an identifier in FS 2020, every plane seems to have the same identifier. Is it possible to give each aircraft its own identifier
  10. Information to all, who have the same probelm - to find the FS folder: For all those who can't find the folder, try this: Type %LOCALAPPDATA% at the bottom of the search bar and then go to the Packages folder and there should be a folder called Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe (the combination at the end may differ) . Then you go to the folder "LocalCache" then to "Packages" and then the community folder should already appear! I used it to identify the folder.
  11. No, it doesn´t. Flihgtsim is installed in C:\\. and there is nowhere a note to Flightsimulator at all. Neither in program or in program (x86) folder.
  12. No, sorry, Mathijs, even if I follow this link I can't find the folder "WindowsApp"; I don't have it, the installation was successful, but I can't find any Flightsimulator files.
  13. Was a bit too early; the second installation has worked, I am just setting up. thanks:
  14. Help: am installing my premium version. With DVD 4 I got the error message: "Error during feature transfer" and shortly after the installation aborted. What to do? Do I have to start again?
  15. Thanks for the information, it is a Samsung EVO 970 with 3.500 / 3.200 MB/s, so I'm gonna install on the SSD.
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