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  1. drayton_k

    Managed speed issues

    New build for me and yet again managed mode putting me in very low speed during cruise. I had to go to manual mode for the rest of the flight
  2. drayton_k

    Radio frequency on Vpilot

    Thanks Dave, no problem really as long as the work around carries on working. Cheers Keith
  3. drayton_k

    Radio frequency on Vpilot

    Tried again and still the same even without the experimental update installed. (may as well install it now) I always start with c&d cockpit. However, I used the workaround in the thread above and set the plane to take off state and then reverted back to c&d and it now works. I guess you guys will solve this eventually. Thanks Keith
  4. drayton_k

    Radio frequency on Vpilot

    Yes Mathijs/Dave this is indeed what is happening to me. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and then updated the bus but not installed the latest experimental one. It now works fine so it must be something wit the latest update. Ill test again later and report back again though. Thanks Keith
  5. drayton_k

    Radio frequency on Vpilot

    Hi, I am having a problem recently where even though I can change the radio frequency in the plane, this does not change in Vpilot. It only affects the Airbus for some reason. If I change to any other aircraft then all works fine. Its as if the avionics switches are not on! Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. drayton_k

    PFPX 2.01 hotfix

    I totally agree. You have managed to completely screw up a perfectly good program. I am now unable to SAVE to Aivlasoft EFB as I used to be able to.
  7. No Clive I didnt do a backup, as I didnt see Steve post at all.. Never mind, lesson learnt .. thanks Keith
  8. I have just installed the new version over my old version and now I have lost all my Aircraft listings, everyone of them has gone!! Can I retireve these somehow? thanks Keith
  9. drayton_k

    P3d 4.4 CTD at Aircraft Spawn

    Hans, I am using Chaseplane with the CRJ and the Maddog Md80 and I dont get any CTD when selecting the planes. I suspect that BHORV67 has a larger problem. Maybe a reinstall of P3D and addons is the best option.
  10. drayton_k

    P3d 4.4 CTD at Aircraft Spawn

    I suspect you have a major problem with your sim. I noticed you have posted the same CTD in the Maddog forums also!
  11. drayton_k

    PFD Display blank

    No PFD was the one I meant. When I zoomed it out all appeared OK but all data was frozen. If I increased the altitude or heading nothing showed on the PFD. If I then clicked to unzoom the PFD, then the main gauge was blank.
  12. After installing the latest update, whenever I click on the PFD to zoom it and then click it to dissapear the panel gauge stays blank.
  13. drayton_k

    Strange Managed Speed problem

    I have just had the same problem in cruise. Managed speed drops, I have had to turn off the Autothrottle. Something not quite right with the latest update it seems V1.2.1.3.A320 model All other flights have been without problems. Keith
  14. Hans, I have the same problem unable to change any leg restrictions. When you say you have fixed it, will there be an update for this? Thanks Keith
  15. Is there a setting to allow the altitude selector know increment in 1000 feet steps rather than 100s. I have searched the manuals but cant find any reference to this. Thanks Keith