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  1. Well as an FS9 only user I would be happy with my local airport being produced for FS9. Am also a realist in the fact that there are things you can do with graphics in FSX that can't be performed in FS9 so the two packages would be different. As much as I love flying the CLX routes I will not be changing my sim version if FS9 version is not released....will just have to keep using my freeware versin albeit it doesn;t have the fabulous CLX hanger and eye candy in your release! Thanks Liam Fassam LUX
  2. Ah sighs with relief. That is worth a beer tonight while relaxing, the thought of the Cargolux hanger whizzing past in my sim pit as about to land is just nice! Here's looking forward!
  3. Have to add my two peneth here! I too look forward in hope to an FS9 version. It is my personal preference and would be a real shame for me atleast that my local airport finally gets a rendition with Flight simulator but not the version I use LOL Oh well! Sigh lol :-) Happy landings Liam Fassam
  4. Chaps, Sorry but am trying to follow this thread with interest but my German language skills are extremely basic. I saw from the promo details for the flight sim conference and from some itms I can pick up from the above posts there was a presentation. Cutting the the question.....does anyone know if this product will be released at this stage for both platforms FSX and FS9? Is it also possible to put a preview thread in English? Thanks in advance/VG Liam Fassam
  5. Dear Sirs, Am re-installig after a new system purchase. Have sat this morning to install my EDDF boxed version and it keeps trying to instal an X64 driver which Vista can find. It did on the first attempt try to instal a driver but Vista !!! stated that the software was not Windows compatible. Specs: Windows Vista 64BIT i7 3.07 Ghz 12GB RAM Twin GTX285 Any help really appreciated. Best Regards/Mit freundlichen Gruessen Liam Fassam
  6. Ah thats a shame, okedokee thanks for swift answer. VG Liam
  7. Hi Guys, Am looking forward to the upcoming release of my home airport, been a long time coming I do not speak German so am unable to determine what is included, my simple question is (without sparking an FS9 vs FSX debate PLEAASE), will this product be released for both FS9 and FSX? Thanks in advance Liam Fassam.
  8. Very nice to see ELLX coming out.....my commuter airport to Ireland every Monday!
  9. hi Gianni, Just to let you know the fix you recomended has worked and I now have Innsbruck installed without the taxiway issue. Thank you for your assistance. L Fassam.
  10. Gianni Attached scenery cgf. Your absolutely correct it is FlyTampa. Anyway hopefully the attached will give you a guide as to where I am going wrong. And please remember this is not my area of expertise Thanks in advance for any help with this one. [General] Title=FS9 World Scenery Description=FS9 Scenery Data Clean_on_Exit=FALSE [Area.001] Title=Default Terrain Layer=1 Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Local=Scenery\World Remote= Texture_ID=1 [Area.002] Title=Default Scenery Layer=2 Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Local=Scenery\BASE Remote= [Area.003] Title=Africa Layer=3 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Afri Remote= [Area.004] Title=Asia Layer=4 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Asia Remote= [Area.005] Title=Australia Layer=5 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Aust Remote= [Area.006] Title=Eastern Europe Layer=6 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\EURE Remote= [Area.007] Title=Western Europe Layer=7 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\EURW Remote= [Area.008] Title=Central North America Layer=8 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\NAMC Remote= [Area.009] Title=Eastern North America Layer=9 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\NAME Remote= [Area.010] Title=Western North America Layer=10 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\NAMW Remote= [Area.011] Title=Oceania Layer=11 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Ocen Remote= [Area.012] Title=South America Layer=12 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Same Remote= [Area.013] Title=Amsterdam Aerial Photo Layer=13 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Amsterd Remote= [Area.014] Title=Anchorage Aerial Photo Layer=14 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Anchor Remote= [Area.015] Title=Atlanta Aerial Photo Layer=15 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Atlanta Remote= [Area.016] Title=Chicago Aerial Photo Layer=16 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Chicago Remote= [Area.017] Title=Dallas Aerial Photo Layer=17 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Dallas Remote= [Area.018] Title=Denver Aerial Photo Layer=18 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Denver Remote= [Area.019] Title=Heathrow Aerial Photo Layer=19 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Heathrow Remote= [Area.020] Title=Hong Kong Aerial Photo Layer=20 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Hongkong Remote= [Area.021] Title=Kitty Hawk Aerial Photo Layer=21 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Kittyhwk Remote= [Area.022] Title=Las Vegas Aerial Photo Layer=22 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Lasvegas Remote= [Area.023] Title=Los Angeles Aerial Photo Layer=23 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\La Remote= [Area.024] Title=Miami Aerial Photo Layer=24 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Miami Remote= [Area.025] Title=New York Aerial Photo Layer=25 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\NewYork Remote= [Area.026] Title=Niagara Aerial Photo Layer=26 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Niagara Remote= [Area.027] Title=Oshkosh Aerial Photo Layer=27 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Oshkosh Remote= [Area.028] Title=Paris Aerial Photo Layer=28 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Paris Remote= [Area.029] Title=Phoenix Aerial Photo Layer=29 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Phoenix Remote= [Area.030] Title=San Francisco Aerial Photo Layer=30 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Sanfran Remote= [Area.031] Title=Seattle Aerial Photo Layer=31 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Seattle Remote= [Area.032] Title=St. Maarten Aerial Photo Layer=32 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Stmaarten Remote= [Area.033] Title=Sydney Aerial Photo Layer=33 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Sydney Remote= [Area.034] Title=Tokyo Aerial Photo Layer=34 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\Cities\Tokyo Remote= [Area.035] Title=Generic Libraries Layer=35 Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Local=Scenery\Generic Remote= [Area.036] Title=Vehicle Libraries Layer=36 Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Local=Scenery\Vehicles Remote= [Area.037] Title=Propeller Objects Layer=37 Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Local=Scenery\props Remote= [Area.038] Title=Addon Scenery Layer=38 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Addon Scenery Remote= [Area.039] Title=UK2000 Bristol Xtreme Layer=39 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\UK2000 scenery\UK2000 Bristol Xtreme\ Remote= [Area.041] Title=UK2000 Glasgow Xtreme Layer=40 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\UK2000 scenery\UK2000 Glasgow Xtreme\ Remote= [Area.042] Title=UK2000 Edinburgh Xtreme Layer=41 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\UK2000 scenery\UK2000 Edinburgh Xtreme\ Remote= [Area.043] Title=UK2000 Stansted Xtreme Layer=42 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\UK2000 scenery\UK2000 Stansted Xtreme\ Remote= [Area.044] Title=UK2000 heathrow Xtreme Layer=43 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\UK2000 scenery\UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme\ Remote= [Area.045] Title=GA1 Bundle Layer=44 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\GA1 Bundle Remote= [Area.046] Title=german-rivers-complete Layer=45 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=addon scenery\german-rivers-complete Remote= [Area.047] Title=GA3-FS2004-LC Layer=46 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\GA3_LC Remote= [Area.048] Title=GA3-FS2004 Layer=47 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\GA3_Fs2004 Remote= [Area.051] Title=German Airports 2 - Cologne-Bonn_LC Layer=48 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\EDDK_2007_LC Remote= [Area.052] Title=German Airports 2 - Cologne-Bonn Layer=49 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\EDDK_2007 Remote= [Area.053] Title=AESliteforGAP-EDDK Layer=50 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\AESliteforGAP-EDDK Remote= [Area.054] Title=German Airports 2 - EDLW_LC Layer=51 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\EDLW_2007_LC Remote= [Area.055] Title=German Airports 2 - EDLW Layer=52 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\EDLW_2007 Remote= [Area.056] Title=AESliteforGAP-EDLW Layer=53 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\AESliteforGAP-EDLW Remote= [Area.057] Title=German Airports 2 - Hannover_LC Layer=54 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\EDDV_2006_LC Remote= [Area.058] Title=German Airports 2 - Hannover_VFR Layer=55 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\EDDV_2006_VFR Remote= [Area.059] Title=German Airports 2 - Hannover Layer=56 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\EDDV_2006 Remote= [Area.060] Title=AESliteforGAP-EDDV Layer=57 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\AESliteforGAP-EDDV Remote= [Area.061] Title=German Airports 2 - EDDG/FMO_LC Layer=58 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\EDDG_2007_LC Remote= [Area.062] Title=German Airports 2 - EDDG/FMO Layer=59 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\EDDG_2007 Remote= [Area.063] Title=AESliteforGAP-EDDG Layer=60 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\AESliteforGAP-EDDG Remote= [Area.064] Title=German Airports 2 - Leipzig_LC Layer=61 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\EDDP_2008_LC Remote= [Area.065] Title=German Airports 2 - Leipzig Layer=62 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\EDDP_2008 Remote= [Area.066] Title=AESliteforGAP-EDDP Layer=63 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\AESliteforGAP-EDDP Remote= [Area.067] Title=EDDF_LC Layer=64 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\EDDF_LC Remote= [Area.068] Title=EDDF_2005 Layer=65 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\EDDF_2005 Remote= [Area.069] Title=AESliteforGAP-EDDF Layer=66 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\AESliteforGAP-EDDF Remote= [Area.070] Title=Mega Airport Paris CDG Layer=67 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\Mega Airport Paris CDG Remote= [Area.071] Title=Austrian 2005 Layer=68 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=FSQuality\AAS 2005 Remote= [Area.072] Title=Budapest 2007-City Layer=69 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Budapest 2007\Budapest_City Remote= [Area.073] Title=Budapest 2007-LHBP Layer=70 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Budapest 2007\Budapest_LHBP Remote= [Area.075] Title=Malta_LC Layer=71 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Islands of Malta\Malta_LC Remote= [Area.076] Title=Malta_SC Layer=72 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Islands of Malta\Malta_SC Remote= [Area.077] Title=Gozo Layer=73 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Islands of Malta\Gozo Remote= [Area.078] Title=Wonderful Madeira Layer=74 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\Wonderful Madeira Remote= [Area.079] Title=Wonderful Madeira-MADLAND Layer=75 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\Wonderful Madeira\MADLAND Remote= [Area.080] Title=Balearen-GIB Layer=76 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Balearen-Gibraltar\Gibraltar_2004 Remote= [Area.081] Title=Balearen-IBIZA_FOTO Layer=77 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Balearen-Gibraltar\Ibizafoto_2004 Remote= [Area.082] Title=Balearen-IBIZA Layer=78 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Balearen-Gibraltar\Ibiza_2004 Remote= [Area.083] Title=Balearen-MENORCA_LC Layer=79 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Balearen-Gibraltar\Menorca_2004_LC Remote= [Area.084] Title=Balearen-MENORCA_FOTO Layer=80 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Balearen-Gibraltar\Menorcafoto_2004 Remote= [Area.085] Title=Balearen-MENORCA Layer=81 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Balearen-Gibraltar\Menorca_2004 Remote= [Area.086] Title=Balearen-MALLORCA_LC Layer=82 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Balearen-Gibraltar\Mallorca_2004_LC Remote= [Area.087] Title=Balearen-MALLORCA_LWM Layer=83 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Balearen-Gibraltar\Mallorca_2004_LWM Remote= [Area.088] Title=Balearen-MALLORCA Layer=84 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Balearen-Gibraltar\Mallorca_2004 Remote= [Area.089] Title=La_Gomera_2004 Layer=85 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Canary Islands\La_Gomera_2004 Remote= Exclude=N28 29.37,W16 21.48,N28 28.62,W16 19.52,objects [Area.090] Title=Tenerife_2004 Layer=86 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Canary Islands\Tenerife_2004 Remote= Exclude=N28 3.15,W16 35.32,N28 2.31,W16 33.38,objects [Area.091] Title=Fuerteventura-Lanzarote_2004 Layer=87 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Canary Islands\Fuerteventura-Lanzarote_2004 Remote= Exclude=N28 27.86,W13 52.08,N28 26.49,W13 51.78,objects [Area.092] Title=La_Palma_2004 Layer=88 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Canary Islands\La_Palma_2004 Remote= [Area.093] Title=El_Hierro_2004 Layer=89 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Canary Islands\El_Hierro_2004 Remote= [Area.094] Title=Grancanaria_2004 Layer=90 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Canary Islands\Grancanaria_2004 Remote= [Area.095] Title=Canarias_Landclass Layer=91 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Canary Islands\Canary Islands Landclass Remote= [Area.096] Title=Alicante2004_LC Layer=92 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Alicante2004_LC Remote= [Area.097] Title=Alicante2004_SC Layer=93 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Alicante2004_SC Remote= [Area.098] Title=Alicante2004_static_AC Layer=94 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Alicante2004_static_AC Remote= [Area.099] Title=Almeria2004_LC Layer=95 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Almeria2004_LC Remote= [Area.100] Title=Almeria2004_SC Layer=96 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Almeria2004_SC Remote= [Area.101] Title=Barcelona2004_LC Layer=97 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Barcelona2004_LC Remote= [Area.102] Title=Barcelona2004_SC Layer=98 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Barcelona2004_SC Remote= [Area.103] Title=Barcelona2004_static_AC Layer=99 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Barcelona2004_static_AC Remote= [Area.104] Title=Jerez2004_SC Layer=100 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Jerez2004_SC Remote= [Area.105] Title=Madrid-Barajas2004_LC Layer=101 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Madrid-Barajas2004_LC Remote= [Area.106] Title=Madrid-Barajas2004_SC Layer=102 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Madrid-Barajas2004_SC Remote= [Area.107] Title=Madrid-Barajas2004_static_AC Layer=103 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Madrid-Barajas2004_static_AC Remote= [Area.108] Title=Malaga2004_LC Layer=104 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Malaga2004_LC Remote= [Area.109] Title=Malaga2004_SC Layer=105 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Malaga2004_SC Remote= [Area.110] Title=Malaga2004_static_AC Layer=106 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Malaga2004_static_AC Remote= [Area.111] Title=Pamplona2004_LC Layer=107 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Pamplona2004_LC Remote= [Area.112] Title=Pamplona2004_SC Layer=108 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Pamplona2004_SC Remote= [Area.113] Title=Pamplona2004_static_AC Layer=109 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Pamplona2004_static_AC Remote= [Area.114] Title=Santander2004_LC Layer=110 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Santander2004_LC Remote= [Area.115] Title=Santander2004_SC Layer=111 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Santander2004_SC Remote= [Area.116] Title=Santander2004_static_AC Layer=112 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Santander2004_static_AC Remote= [Area.117] Title=Valencia2004_LC Layer=113 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Valencia2004_LC Remote= [Area.118] Title=Valencia2004_SC Layer=114 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Valencia2004_SC Remote= [Area.119] Title=Valencia2004_static_AC Layer=115 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\New Spanish Airports\Valencia2004_static_AC Remote= [Area.120] Title=UK2000 belfast Xtreme Layer=116 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\UK2000 scenery\UK2000 Belfast Xtreme\ Remote= [Area.121] Title=UK2000 Birmingham Xtreme Layer=117 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\UK2000 scenery\UK2000 Birmingham xtreme\ Remote= [Area.122] Title=Mallorca X LC Layer=119 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Mallorca X LC Remote= [Area.123] Title=Mallorca X GROUND Layer=120 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Mallorca X GROUND Remote= [Area.124] Title=Mallorca X SC Layer=121 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Mallorca X SC Remote= [Area.125] Title=Faro 2005 Layer=118 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\LTU2004_LPFR Remote= [Area.126] Title=AES Basepack Layer=165 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\AES Remote= [Area.127] Title=FSDreamTeam Geneva Layer=122 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=FsDreamTeam\LSGG Remote= [Area.128] Title=FSDreamTeam Chicago OHare Layer=123 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=FsDreamTeam\Ohare Remote= [Area.129] Title=FSDreamTeam New York JFK Layer=124 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=FsDreamTeam\JFK Remote= [Area.130] Title=cancun_2005_SC Layer=125 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Addon Scenery\cancun_2005_SC Remote= [Area.131] Title=Scandinavian Airports 1 Layer=126 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Scandinavian Airports 1 Remote= [Area.132] Title=Gothenburgcity_2004 Layer=127 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Scandinavian Airports 1\Gothenburgcity_2004 Remote= [Area.133] Title=Scandinavian Airports 2 Terrain Layer=128 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Scandinavian Airports 2 Terrain Remote= [Area.134] Title=Scandinavian Airports 2 LC Layer=129 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Scandinavian Airports 2 LC Remote= [Area.135] Title=Scandinavian Airports 2 Static Layer=130 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Scandinavian Airports 2 Static Remote= [Area.136] Title=Scandinavian Airports 2 SC Layer=131 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Scandinavian Airports 2 SC Remote= [Area.137] Title=Stockholm Arlanda LC Layer=132 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\Arlanda_LC Remote= [Area.138] Title=Stockholm Arlanda Layer=133 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\Arlanda Remote= [Area.139] Title=Madrid 2008_SC Layer=134 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\Madrid 2008_SC Remote= [Area.140] Title=UK2000 Gatwick Xtreme Layer=140 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\UK2000 scenery\UK2000 Gatwick Xtreme\ Remote= [Area.142] Title=Burgas (LBBG) Layer=135 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Addon Scenery\Burgas (LBBG) Remote= [Area.143] Title=Sofia Airport Layer=136 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Addon Scenery\Sofia Airport Remote= [Area.144] Title=UK2000 VFR scenery Volume1 Layer=137 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=..\..\..\UK2000 scenery\UK2000 VFR scenery Volume1 Remote= [Area.145] Title=Gap_gmax_lib Layer=138 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\GAP_gmax_lib Remote= [Area.146] Title=GA4 Bundle Layer=139 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\GA4 Bundle Remote= [Area.147] Title=GAP_MEGA_KERKYRA_2009 Layer=142 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Addon Scenery\GAP_airports\GAP_MEGA_KERKYRA_2009 Remote= [Area.148] Title=IFSD EISG Sligo Scenery Layer=143 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\EISG Remote= [Area.149] Title=IFSD EISG Landclass Layer=144 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\EISGLandclass Remote= [Area.150] Title=IFSD Hill of Tara UFO - Bernd Fix. Layer=145 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\EIHOT Remote= [Area.151] Title=IFSD Harland and Wolfe Cranes Layer=146 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\NI-HW Remote= [Area.152] Title=IFSD Waterford Airport Layer=147 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\EIWF Remote= [Area.153] Title=IFSD Kilkenny Airfield Layer=148 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\EIKL Remote= [Area.154] Title=IFSD Howth Head Texture Map Layer=149 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\EIHH Remote= [Area.155] Title=IFSD Dublin Airport Layer=150 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\EIDW Remote= [Area.156] Title=IFSD Galway (Carnmore) Airport Layer=151 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\EICM Remote= [Area.157] Title=IFSD Cork Airport Layer=152 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\EICK Remote= [Area.158] Title=IFSD Dublin City Layer=153 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\DUBLIN Remote= [Area.159] Title=IFSD Glendalough Layer=154 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\Glendalough Remote= [Area.160] Title=IFSD Leinster Landclass Layer=155 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=c:\ifsd_scenery\IFSD\LeinsterLandclass Remote= [Area.161] Title=HSP Greece Layer=156 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Addon Scenery\GAP_airports\LGIR\HSP Greece Remote= [Area.162] Title=HSP Greece (no texture) Layer=157 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Addon Scenery\GAP_airports\LGIR\HSP Greece (no texture) Remote= [Area.163] Title=HSP LGIR Layer=158 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Addon Scenery\GAP_airports\LGIR\HSP LGIR Remote= [Area.164] Title=Approaching Innsbruck Layer=164 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\LOWI_2009 Remote=
  11. Hi Shaun Thanks for checking that out. That is a real pitty as the static aircraft (although not everyones cup of tea) made the environment nicer in De Gaulle, especially on the cargo ramps. Shame that I have to revert to the older product now. LF
  12. Gianni As stated am away travelling. Am going to park this until I am back at the FS PC and then will send you the cfg and hopefully your expertise in this area (not mine) willl be able to sort this out for me. Vielen Danke
  13. Hi Shaun, Thanks for the feedback. It could well be something I am doing wrong. Rgds Liam
  14. Hi Gianni, Am away traveling on business will check my machine which FS is on Thursday on my return. I think you have hit the nail on the head, I believe I do have Dream team Vienna installed. I did not realise this had Innsbruck also, appreciate the feedback. Am assuming I look for any files relating to LOWI in the Dream team folder? Thanks in advance L Fassam. Saarland.
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