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  1. I'm sorry if it is too early to ask about the soundpack but I just wanted to know if the engine sound will be fading away with speed and/or altitude like FSlabs did with their A320 and PMDG with their 747 ?
  2. Hi dear Aerosoft Team, I bought a NavDataPro - single dataset I installed it no problem. But I had to do a complete reinstallation of windows so I lost everything. Can I reinstall the dataset I bought (1702) or do I need to buy another one ?
  3. Hey guys ! Is the displays resolution going to be different from the A320 family ? I used the search fonction but I can't seem to find an answere.
  4. I think the wing looks different, like Fangtooth said maybe we'll have some wingflex ?
  5. Hum better/more detailed exterior texture ?
  6. He is right CF6 are produced by General Electic and it's one of the 3 engines variants of the A330
  7. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=american+airline+a330+engine&l=1
  8. You can use the search fonction, I belive this has been asked and answered before.
  9. I believe that the cockpit texturing is finished. So I think It's to late but the A320 family was well optimised in my opinion.
  10. I think only the buttons used in normal ops will be functional Like the A31*/A32* family.
  11. My bad, as far as I know nothing decided yet. I could be wrong.
  12. Please read the first post of this topic.
  13. https://pcflight.net/aerosoft-questions-answered-crj-a330-much/ Check this link, I'm pretty sure you will found the answer to your question