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  1. Hi Mate,


    Been following your livery paints for awhile now and really appreciate the quality. Although I've done quite a few liveries for the PMDG 737ngx (mostly Aussie) I just can't get my head around the AS Airbus paintkit - much to my disgust.  I don't know if you do requests, but would really like the AS A319 in JetstarAust) or Tigerair(Aust). If you've got some spare time, will you think about them.



    steve southey

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    2. JustanotherPilot


      I've got your Qantas A319, Jetstar don't have the A319 nor does Tiger or Virgin Australia(then again Qantas doesn't either) I know all three were considering the A319, so they would all be fictitious liveries - I prefer the A318/A319's to the A320/A321's and thought it would be great.

    3. DetCord


      I'll look into it but I can't make any promises. The tail and vert stab look like a nightmare for just a fictional livery.

    4. JustanotherPilot


      Thanks.....I admire you for being able to use the painkit, after several attempts I gave up.

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