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  1. Is there a tutorial on how to make liveries that worked on the old CRJ work on the new one? Hans said on a thread before he'd/ someone would put out a tutorial on how to do this, how do you convert them?
    It's a wonderful repaint, excellent job, except one thing... Does the blue seem too light to you? Comparing it to the real livery it seems not SkyWest blue which is strange. It looks wonderful otherwise!
  2. ICAO: KMKE NAME: Milwaukee General Mitchell Intl. Wisconsin TYPE: Payware FS: FS9 Only DESIGNER: Dreamscenery LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/dreamscenery-milwaukee-general-mitchell-apt-kmke.phtml please add this to AES 2.31 i would love if you could? no AES, outdated, Website down
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