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  1. Were both engines spooling up correctly?
  2. You need to put the aircraft files in the FSX 'simobjects' folder, which is the FS9 equivalent of the 'aircraft' folder.
  3. One presumes that those invited for beta testing have already been informed?! :?:
  4. Good question..........never thought of that!!! :?:
  5. Haven't got any decent festive screenshots but HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!
  6. Only just seen this thread...those shots are amazing! Can't wait for the A10!!
  7. Blimey!! That was quick!! If any details of experience are required please let me know and I'll e-mail any info needed. I haven't been on the forum long so I'm not really 'known' to you yet but would like to help if at all possible!
  8. How can I tell Shaun that I'm interested in beta testing? The PM facility is disabled on this forum (or so it tells me!) so will he be reading this thread?!
  9. I was thinking of buying that 3.99 insurance thing to re-download, a bit cheaper that way!
  10. All those sounds are present and correct but STILL the strange beeping. Looks like I'll have to gamble and re-purchase the model..... :cry: :oops: Thanks for your help all!
  11. Thanks Shaun, I'll look into it ASAP and let you know!
  12. It's strange because I am not touching the keyboard at all and it only happens with this model!
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