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  1. Guys, I want to thank you for the quick and relevant responses to my Dilema. Okay, here's what I had at the time: 0ne full installation of FSX with SP2 on my E Drive, one unregistered installation of FSX with Acceleration on the same drive. Note, this is a large, partitioned HD. When I originally installed the Chicago scenery, the whole downtown area was blamked out, I could see Meigs with all the goodies, including the boy on his dad's shoulders. I then installed the scenery on the installation with Acceleration installed, and it worked as it was supposed to. Now you're gonna ask "Why did you have that configuration?" Prior to my Pwr supply taking my mother board out, I had one installation for XP and the other for Vista. The Acceleration wasn't registered because I didn't have a Video car that met the minimum requirements and it just stopped in the middle of the install. When I rebuilt the computer (New PS, Mobo, and GPU) That's what was there , and I'm still trying to get all the 1Tb+ of Hard Drives sorted out. Now along comes the acceleration disk that I found somewhere amongst my Computer "Stuff" and I installed it all on my C Drive and everything has been working just fine.... Again, Thanks HC
  2. Arrgh!!! I think I've figured it out... In addition to SP1 & SP2, I need to have Acceleration installed. That's the only thing I can think of that could be causing all that real estate to disappear. Shaun and Bruce, Thank you for your assistance. HC
  3. HI Shaun, Yep, tried that, too. Can someone check my download zip, cause when It first happened, I downloaded a second time, thinking some got messed up in transmission, but no luck. Has the scenery been tested with DX11 yet? It seems like something simple is being overlooked. Regards, HC
  4. Thanks for your input, Bruce. But I've tried with the complexity slider, both the scenery and autogen sliders in all the positions. HC
  5. Hi Shaun, Let me first thank you for your almost instantaneous response to my query. Enclosed are screenshots that show what I'm experiencing. The scenery folder within the aerosoft folder and the scenery library seem to be in order. The only things I see that may be factors are, the additional folders within the texture folder for Normal and VeryDense Autogen... and the fact that I don't have Acceleration. Thankx for your interest in my problem, HC
  6. Gentlemen, I purchased the Chicago scenery the day before yesterday. I was impressed with the San FranciscoX scenery and DillinghamX, so I figured with the screenshots looking so good, Chicago would be at least as good looking. However, after installation, and trying different settings of all my sliders, all of the skyscrapers in downtown Chicago are missing. after disabling the ChicagoX scenery, I found the downtown skyscrapers with the default scenery. I Have, in December upgraded my system to : Intel i7 CPU @ 2.67 Ghz, Vista home 32 bit, 6 Gbit RAM and Direct X 11... oh, and an NVIDIA Geforce 9400GT. My edition of FSX has Sp1 and Sp2 installed. Is there a possibility my download was/is missing the various files to show the downtown skyscrapers? I am open to suggestions. Thanx for your attention to this matter. HC
  7. has not set their status

  8. I hope they don't run over my rowboat, LOL. They're probably loaded with tourists, as in real life. HC
  9. Asolutly beeyoutiful! Are those Vaporetti AI ? or stationary? HC
  10. Messing with the registry is not recommended , unless you are very computer literate. Probably the best way to re-install all your add-ons is the hard way ... one by one. HC
  11. Congrats Chris, Well Done. And to Aerosoft for the recognition. HC
  12. Mathjis, How can I PM you? HC
  13. Mathjis, Now that you have a bunch of beta testers with the latest & greatest hardware, what you need is someone with 3-year old stuff. So you'll know how the planes & scenery perform on less that optimal hardware. I don't have the latest hardware, but, it ain't too shabby, and would love to be a beta tester. I've been involved with FS since FS5, and do spend many hours in the sim. Say the word & I'll be at your service. :wink: HC
  14. Didn't Bill Lyons a few years back put out a skier with one of his freeware planes? I was thinking we could use that on the slopes. HC
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