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  1. This usually happens after opening some menu or for example changing time or date. The reallight (dynamic lights) go off. Moving the knob/switch to another setting set them back. I guess some kind of limitation inside the module.
  2. Hi, Is the performance calculation data hard coded into a specific dll or taken from a xml or txt file within some folder? I mean, will it be customizable like the fuel planner files? And maybe a too cheeky question, are the figures more or less accurate or are something approximate like the small buses PERF page numbers? Thanks
  3. Hi, I think I read somewhere that the EFB for the upcoming A330 will be implemented on A320 series, is that correct? Will the EFB have airport maps based on scenery folders as PMDG done with the NGXu? Thanks!
  4. Hi @ahuimanu The code works ok with a gamepad which is the device I use. I can't comment on using other hardware. I did many many tests time ago with different code and nothing worked but this. Yes, this two variables are built-in simulation variable. (A:SIM ON GROUND, bool) 1 == (When the aircraft is on ground) Can be 0 or 1(A:BRAKE INDICATOR,position) 0.6 > (When the brake pedal position is greater than 60%.) Can be from 0 to 1 I don't know, you can try to adding this lines DETECT EXTERNAL BRAKING part of the code. It makes sense to start changing things there first, but as far as I remember nothing seemed to work there. I'm sorry I can't be of more help!
  5. Hi, As requested by private message I'll share the mod I did to ABRK.xml in case helps anyone interested. This solved the Autobrake disarm before touchdown for me. Replace the 7th line of the file: (L:ABrkactiv, number) 0 == by this two lines: (A:SIM ON GROUND, bool) 1 == (A:BRAKE INDICATOR,position) 0.6 > Cheers P.S. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share the line of the original code. @DaveCT2003 Thanks.
  6. I realised some time ago that sometimes the .fms file does not save at all (a few times) or does not override the previously .fms file if saved with the same name (more often). So to be sure, I always delete the previously saved files and save the flight then. I always check if the .fms and .asc files have been saved correctly. The worst scenario is when the .fms file won't save at all, no matter what you try, you'll have to restart P3D losing the FMS data or finish the flight. Hope it helps!
  7. IAE Flex Temp with data from http://www.wabpro.cz/A320/ stopped working several updates ago. The last topic I opened was a month ago without further news on the topic.
  8. For what it is worth, the FD commands the momentary roll on approach also with AP off.
  9. Ok. I tried assigning buttons again and it works someway better with FSUIPC Throttle Incr and Decr than with P3D controls. But the overall feeling is worst than the other way around, the reverse range seems to be longer but the response on the manual range between IDLE and CLIMB is better with P3D controls. I was just curious if something could be done in the FADEC or ATHR code to make the reverse range longer or not to be so sensitive when button is applied as it does in manual range. Anyway, I will leave it as I had it before, barely pushing the button to get IDLE reverse. Thanks!
  10. Ok! Thank you. I'll try then to assign buttons again and see if I got it right. I'm glad to hear that there are up to seven steps to full reverse. So, it has to be something I'm doing wrong.
  11. Decrease. I tried with FSUIPC Throttle Dec Small with the same result. It feels that from Idle to full reverse it goes really easy to full with barely touching the button, I can sometimes put it on idle reverse as you say, but it does not feel like in manual range, where I can smoothly increase or decrease by small increments.
  12. Hi, I try to apply a single quick press, but most of the time it goes further than that. It’s way more sensitive than the manual range. Thanks
  13. Hi, Is there any way to make the reverse range less sensitive when applied trough a button or key? I mean, the steps in the manual range are fine, but when entering the reverse range the steps are much higher, it's difficult to apply idle reverse wihtout going to full reverse first. I know it's something related to the way of the thrust is coded, but can be something done? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, I noticed today that when saving a flight the fuel in the center tanks is not saved. So, if I saved a flight where I have 15.2 of fuel on board, reloading it will give me only left and right tanks full but the center one empty. Can you recreate this? A320 CFM Thanks.
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