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  1. Hi all It doesn't happen often that I have a problem that I can't find a solution for elsewhere online, however this is one. I recently installed the latest version of P3D and the latest version of the Aerosoft Airbus A320 family. It all works fine when I'm in the sim and the sim is in focus, but whenever I focus on another window, or even hover over an icon in the taskbar and preview another window, the autopilot goes crazy. Sometimes it starts to waggle, going up and down. Sometimes sideways. Sometimes it suddenly climbs at 6000ft/min, sometimes it nosedives at 6000ft/min. Sometimes it does all of this at once and crashes on the ground. It all works perfectly fine when P3D is in focus. Flights are stable and normal and nothing too unusual happens. For reference, I'm using P3D v4.5.13.32097 and Aerosoft Airbus A318-21 pro v Any tips or ideas are much appreciated. Kind regards Dag
  2. Go into your settings, go to controls and change the button assignment for the Autopilot disconnect
  3. I today found out that it has to do with Tomatoshade. The crash occurs when either the Tomatoshade profile and/or the reflection profiles are applied. For reference: I used to profiles from Naburun. I'm gonna test some more this week to see what file exactly makes it crash.
  4. Woohoo, it seems to work now. Here's what I did: 1) Convert the mentioned .png files (D:\P3D Addons\[Aircraft type]\SimObjects\Airplanes\[Aircraft type]\TrueGlass\Textures\AB_WIPMASK_LFT.DDS and AB_WIPMASK_RGT.DDS) to .dds files using 2) Pasted them in the folder. You only need to do this once, as the aforementioned files are identical in each folder. You can copy paste the .dds files directly to all folders. 3) Load sim, and enjoy the feeling of a working sim. To Matthijs, It might be, but I don't see how DirectX would convert .dds files (which I assume come with the TrueGlass installer) to .png files? Also, I think this thread is worth updating now. Stumbled upon it earlier.
  5. Thanks to swetters too. I'll try changing the png to dds, see if that works I'll edit this post with the result
  6. Mobo: ASUS Z270F CPU: i7-7700k @4.2GHz (no hyperthreading) GPU: NVidia 1080Ti (no overclocking) PSU: Corsair RM650x RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 3000Hz DDR4 Cooling: Corsair H110i SSD: Samsung 250GB 960 EVO HDD: Western Digital 2000GB 5400RPM Nope
  7. It turns out that was not it. I tried turning on/off some other addons, but that doesn't change it. For now it only loads when I'm lucky.
  8. D:\P3D v4\ D:\P3D Addons\ Yup, didn't work. Good idea! I found two entries of both the A318/9 and the A320/1, one that links to the Addon directly, and one to the .xml in the Documents. Why is this? (this isn't the problem, but I'm just curious) At first attempt, it did work. When I changed livery, it crashed again. On a second attempt, it does work when changing the aircraft at the beginning. Now it works too when changing livery. I'll re-enable addons one by one. Turns out some Indian scenery was the problem. Thanks!
  9. Hi At the time of the first crash, I was still using P3D v4.3.29.25520. I updated the Aerosoft Busses from v1.2.1.0 to v1.2.2.0 and hell broke loose. Whenever I selected my aircraft and pressed "Start flight", the sim crashes. The AppCrash blames ucrtbase.dll. I decided to upgrade to P3D v4.4, thinking that the latest update is a compatibility patch and is therefore only compatible with No luck, Busses v1.2.1.0 and v1.2.2.0 both crash. I tried reinstalling the busses both in v4.3 and now on v4.4, but no results. In the previews, all aircraft models and liveries load fine. Sometimes, the aircraft does load, but most of the time it crashes. I have not been able to find why this is. My PC setup is the following: GTX 1080Ti i7-7700K ASUS Z270F
  10. For people who are interested, this aircraft is now part of the Brussels Airlines fleet as OO-SNI
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