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  1. I believe you seeing a similar issue to what was causing the same effect on the CRJ, Leo MD80 and TFDi 717. Its to do with Carenado believe it or not, they have been rumered to have some kind of anti-piracy coded in that causes problems for others who own their products, so if your flying in the vicinity of someone in their aircraft, it affects you. If you have any carenado aircraft installed give the following a try and see if it fixes your issue: For those who also have this try the following: (I reccomend to do this before you boot up P3D V4) - Ensure your simulator is not running - Open VPilot - Go to the Settings tab - Look for and click on Model Matching - Under Model Matching click Advanced - The top selection on the right should be SimObject\Airplanes - Expand this selection - Scroll down until you see Carenado - Uncheck ALL Carenado aircraft - Click Apply then OK - Boot up your sim - Restart Vpilot - Problem should be fixed For those who want the Biz jets in their model matching I highly reccomend FLai - its completly free and has hundreds of models which can be recognised and used by VPilot, simple installer does it all for you, all you have to do is click the Update button a few times. Regards
  2. To use the Tiller function, you'll want to use FSuipc, within there there is an option under "send as FSuipx Axis" for 'steering tiller', or you can go under send as FS Axis and look for 'steering' in the dropdown
  3. Check your frame rates, the FBW systems require at least 18fps, you'll find that if your frames drop you'll see erratic behaviour. I would reccommed lowering your settings in the sim and trying this again. You can also pause the sim for a few seconds when you notice this happening and when you un-pause it should resume normal flight. Regards
  4. Can you try altering the CI (Cost Index) and check you have no interferance drag (Gear, Spoilers etc...)
  5. Well, even with a smooth landing, you have 30+ tonnes on metal touching down at 140 mph and 250-300ft vertically, the shocks will absorb so much, but your still going to burn rubber from the tyres.
  6. Hi, This is correct, at lower weights the aircraft produces enough power at idle to roll upon brake release. At higher wieghts a spool up will be required to get the aircraft moving.
  7. Hi there, When this is happening can you check there is no hardware that could be interfering with the trim settings either in the Sim Control options or via FSuipc if you have a registered version? This could be a lever or button that has been accidentally assigned to the trim tab. Thanks
  8. Can you post a copy of the CTD log from the event viewer?
  9. I believe at this time the CRJ does not have this feature
  10. This maybe so, but those who do this have just paid $80+ to slightly upgrade the default 737. The idea of the post was to make you realise that if you put your money into a product that has had a vast number of hours and has been developed to improve and enhance your experience in the flight sim community only to say you don't want to learn the systems is foreign to me. Now it's your money but there is a vast amount of knowledge on the internet (google, youtube and live streams such as ours) constantly demonstrate how to get the most from your purchases. We all had to start learning somewhere, when I first purchased the PMDG 737 in FS2004 it only took a week or two to learn the new systems, you won't get that if you just put the default GPS back into it.
  11. Ok, I have to chime in here, why would you spend money on an item only to revert it back to a default aircraft???? You would be better off keeping that money in your pocket and buying a new set of marbles. As Dave said, it has a fully integrated Flight Managment System (FMS), that enhances the simulation as you are using the aircraft closer to how it was actually designed, if you want something with a Garmin, you'd be better looking into a 1980's Piper or Cessna from JustFlight or Carenado. No real CRJ has a GPS system, so that should answer the question for you. If you want a CRJ with a default GPS option, use the FSx default aircraft or look at Wilco I have to say, this is one of the strangest posts I have come across on this forum......
  12. Are you running the calibration through FSuipc or through the Sim controllers interface?
  13. I would see if there is anything else assigned to this axis which may be interfering (Another axis from a different controller, a key press etc...) after this try to increase the null zone. Can you post a short video outlining this issue so we can see what is happening? Many thanks
  14. Can you tell me if you are using Active sky, and if so can you send me the options you have for wind settings? Many thanks
  15. I need to ask if you are working on the BETA for V4? If not the current release of the A320 series is not configured for P3D V4 as the current software is configured for 32bit simulators (FSx P3d v3). We are currently working on the upcoming product for V4 (64 bit) but from what I read you are using the older product. You will not be able to use the A320 and whilst it takes a bit of working to get FSuipc this would not work for you. If you are using V3, I can happily show you the specs for FSuipc.
  16. Have you also looked in the Aircraft manager to ensure it is set up to receive the correct input and if necessary the axis is inverted?
  17. If you are using a fully registered version of FSuipc, you can go to the Joystick Calibration tab, besides each control, you will find a small box labelled 'Slope'. This helps to define a response to control inputs. I recommend experimenting with the response curve to find your desired effect. The other thing to remember is that hardware throttles are not are robust as you may think. They can often show your software throttle moving or twitching while the hardware is sat still, this is due to the fact that the potentiometers can become dirty or degraded causing phantom movements.
  18. No, that should show a regular J, I will pass this along and see if the Dev can get it fixed, but it may be a bit low on the line for now
  19. I believe this is a known issue and is currently being worked on. if you could record this in Fraps and post the vid on Youtube along with the error found in Event Viewer it would help narrow things down a bit further. Thanks
  20. Different cycles are bound to cause issues along the line, while you may not see it certain airfields and areas have been through updates since 1607 (which is now 3 years old). You should always do your best to ensure the planning tool is using the exact same cycle as the aircraft. I understand not everyone can afford to update but it can make enjoying other areas such as online flying a real pain.
  21. Only time I know you get any sound like that is when you leave a door open (pax or cargo) and on certain aircraft the pilot windows. double check and make sure all doors are closed and report back.
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