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    RAAS missing

    Dave, yes, it was only typo and i forget about A318 cause i dont fly with it. I didnt write that RAAS not working on all of there Airbus, i just wrote that i have updated them to the latest versions. 1. A318 - not working, A319 - not working, A320 - working good, A321 - working good, A330 - not working 2. I have tried to install RAAS manually as u wrote me - without computer security and as admin. Then when it not works i have tried to reinstall all my Airbuses to version (except A330 - it was i think - RAAS works perfectly, and then i again i update to version (except A330 - it is viac Aerosoft Updater and RAAS is missing again at A318/319 and A330. 3. Intel Core i5 1.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce MX230 4. P3D 5. D:/Prepar3D v4/Aerosoft/ 6. Airbus A318/319/320/321 - v., Airbus A330 - v. Thanks for your time, Regard, Robert
  2. kejby

    RAAS missing

    Yes, its quite strange, cause i fly with A320 and i have RAAS there, but when i fly with A319 - i dont have. And i dont have it in Add-ons menu so i cant turn it on. Regards, Robert
  3. kejby

    RAAS missing

    Hello, I have tried to shutdown my antivirus and run as administrator, but no change, i still dont have RAAS in my game. Regards, Robert
  4. Hello, i have updated my Airbus A319/320/321/330 via Aerosoft Updater to latest version and now is RAAS professional missing in my Prepar3D v4.5. Please, how can i get it back there? Thanks and regards, Robert
  5. Oh man, sure i dont! But now its everything ok and i have a latest version Thank You so much! Have beautiful day. Regards, Robert
  6. Hello Marc, thanks, but, how can i get it? I have still only in my instant downloads and Aerosoft Updater is showing me that is the latest and there is nothing to update. Thanks and regards, Robert
  7. Hello, i have Aerosoft Airbus A319/320/321 - latest version and i have problem with checklist. When im flying my first flight i use LOADSHEET and INSTANT LOAD, then cockpit preparation checklist, then i close all doors and everything is ok, it continue with “captain, all doors are closed..” and BEFORE START CHECKLIST continues. But when i land in destination airport and want to fly back - problem begins. After all parking procedures and connecting ground power and using GSX to connect jetways or stairs i open doors for passengers and cargo. Then im using LOADSHEET and INSTANT LOAD again, checklist restarted - im starting with cockpit preparation checklist and everything is fine, after that green CLOSE DOORS appears. I close all doors manually and nothing happens - no “captain, all doors ale closed..” and the green CLOSE DOORS disappears, but BEFORE START CHECKLIST doesnt continue. And there is no way to continue, i tried to change aircraft state to cold and dark and then back to the turnaround state but it doesnt help. Have u any idea what im doing bad? When im using all GSX procedures for deboarding, fuel loading and boarding - everything is OK and checklist continues. This problem appears only when i want to quick turn at airport and quick fly back using INSTANT LOAD. I have Prepar3D v4.5, im using GSX and GSX2 and i have GSX set to YES in GROUND SERVICES. I have read a few topics with this problem, but i havent found any solution. Please, have any advices for me? Thanks for your time. Robert
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