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  1. Hello, attached 🙂 Regards, Robert ASVersionInfo.TXT
  2. Hello sir, i have tried it on A318 CFM, A319 CFM, A320 CFM and A321 IAE. Im using P3D v4.5. Thank you so much. Regards, Robert
  3. Hello sir, after updating A318/319/320/321 to version i have some problem with checklist stuck at A318/319/320/321. (A330 is fine) Im not using GSX, so i have in GND SERVICES set GSX PUSHBACK to NO. BEFORE START checklist is going fine, after that there is two options - STAR PUSH or START. When i choose START, checklist went fine, but after that i dont have green information "START ENGINE 2" like it was in previous version. But doesnt matter, i have started ENGINE 2, after that there is information "ENGINE 2 is stabilized" and now green information "START ENGINE 1" works fine, after that there is "ENGINE 1 is stabilized" information. After that there is automatic information about good engine start and then is nothing happening. In previous version there was green information "WAIT" and after few seconds automatically start AFTER START checklist. But now it is stucked, AFTER START is grey and im not able to start it manually. I can only choose aircraft stat and set it to TAXI STAT and after that i can fly. Has anyone the same problem? Could you please help me with that? If you need some additional informations, feel free to contact me. Thank you very much for your time and for reply in advance. Stay safe, Robert.
  4. Dave, yes, it was only typo and i forget about A318 cause i dont fly with it. I didnt write that RAAS not working on all of there Airbus, i just wrote that i have updated them to the latest versions. 1. A318 - not working, A319 - not working, A320 - working good, A321 - working good, A330 - not working 2. I have tried to install RAAS manually as u wrote me - without computer security and as admin. Then when it not works i have tried to reinstall all my Airbuses to version (except A330 - it was i think - RAAS works perfectly, and then i again i update to version (except A330 - it is viac Aerosoft Updater and RAAS is missing again at A318/319 and A330. 3. Intel Core i5 1.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce MX230 4. P3D 5. D:/Prepar3D v4/Aerosoft/ 6. Airbus A318/319/320/321 - v., Airbus A330 - v. Thanks for your time, Regard, Robert
  5. Yes, its quite strange, cause i fly with A320 and i have RAAS there, but when i fly with A319 - i dont have. And i dont have it in Add-ons menu so i cant turn it on. Regards, Robert
  6. Hello, I have tried to shutdown my antivirus and run as administrator, but no change, i still dont have RAAS in my game. Regards, Robert
  7. Hello, i have updated my Airbus A319/320/321/330 via Aerosoft Updater to latest version and now is RAAS professional missing in my Prepar3D v4.5. Please, how can i get it back there? Thanks and regards, Robert
  8. Oh man, sure i dont! But now its everything ok and i have a latest version Thank You so much! Have beautiful day. Regards, Robert
  9. Hello Marc, thanks, but, how can i get it? I have still only in my instant downloads and Aerosoft Updater is showing me that is the latest and there is nothing to update. Thanks and regards, Robert
  10. Hello, i have Aerosoft Airbus A319/320/321 - latest version and i have problem with checklist. When im flying my first flight i use LOADSHEET and INSTANT LOAD, then cockpit preparation checklist, then i close all doors and everything is ok, it continue with “captain, all doors are closed..” and BEFORE START CHECKLIST continues. But when i land in destination airport and want to fly back - problem begins. After all parking procedures and connecting ground power and using GSX to connect jetways or stairs i open doors for passengers and cargo. Then im using LOADSHEET and INSTANT LOAD again, checklist restarted - im starting with cockpit preparation checklist and everything is fine, after that green CLOSE DOORS appears. I close all doors manually and nothing happens - no “captain, all doors ale closed..” and the green CLOSE DOORS disappears, but BEFORE START CHECKLIST doesnt continue. And there is no way to continue, i tried to change aircraft state to cold and dark and then back to the turnaround state but it doesnt help. Have u any idea what im doing bad? When im using all GSX procedures for deboarding, fuel loading and boarding - everything is OK and checklist continues. This problem appears only when i want to quick turn at airport and quick fly back using INSTANT LOAD. I have Prepar3D v4.5, im using GSX and GSX2 and i have GSX set to YES in GROUND SERVICES. I have read a few topics with this problem, but i havent found any solution. Please, have any advices for me? Thanks for your time. Robert
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